Customer Service Customer service

一、Service Idea

We always adhere to and advocate the service concept of respecting customers, understanding customers and focusing on customers。

1、Adhere to customer demand orientation and continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations。

2、Strengthen pre-sales, sales and after-sales management, respond to various problems raised by customers in a timely manner, and achieve high-quality service throughout the process。

3、Regularly follow up on the sold products to understand the use of users and the feedback on the use of products。

二、Service Standards

Three Satisfied Customers——

Product satisfaction:Customer satisfaction with product quality

Satisfied with the service:Customers' affirmation of the pre-sale, in sale and after-sales services of the products they purchased

Satisfied with the corporate image:Positive comments of customers on the comprehensive strength and overall impression of the enterprise。

三、Service Commitment

1、Full technical support

If there is a fault in the warranty period of the sold product, we will respond within 2 hours after receiving the user's notice, and send technicians and maintenance personnel to the site to deal with it if necessary, until the equipment fault is completely eliminated。

2、24-hour online service

The company provides a 24-hour service hotline for professional technicians to answer users' questions and ensure timely solutions to users' needs。

3、Free commissioning training

When the equipment is delivered, we will send professionals for operation training and simple fault maintenance training。

(National Service Hotline)
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