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  Due to the needs of business development, the company, based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, is looking for partners across the country! Welcome people with lofty ideals to call us for consultation and negotiation. The hotline is 025-86711683!

一、Terms For Cooperation

  1、A company with independent legal personality or a natural person with good reputation;

  2、Agree with the company's business philosophy and product development vision, and be willing to develop together with the company for a long time;

  3、Have the economic strength of investment and operation and good sales network;                                                                                                                            


  4、Have certain operation and management ability, and be able to complete the sales tasks set by the company;     

  5、Rich market operation experience and strong market development ability;

  6、Have professionalism, enthusiasm for customer service, and ambition to the medical device industry。                  

二、Marketing support

  1、Provide the distribution company with ground training on product technology, sales process, etc;

  2、Strict and perfect regional protection to maximize the protection of dealers' interests;

  3、Support the sales promotion activities of various products held by dealers;

  4、The company irregularly appoints the regional manager to the dealer for sales guidance;

  5、The company is fully responsible for the after-sale service of the products and relieves the dealers of worries in the future;

  6、Professional marketing personnel of the company provide full marketing planning, guidance and support。



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