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Expert consensus: nasal saline irrigation, dry salt aerosol therapy or prevention of COVID-19

Date: 2022-05-12
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On May 9, 2022, the Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology, otolaryngology published an article entitled 'expert consensus on nasal saline irrigation to prevent novel coronavirus infection (pre publication)'.




  The Expert Consensus was led by the China Rhinopathy Research Cooperation Group, which convened middle-aged and young rhinologists from 27 well-known hospitals, including the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, the Sixth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University.


  The expert consensus is based on the pathological mechanism of COVID-19 infected nasal cavity, the treatment history and significance of nasal saline irrigation, the treatment mechanism of nasal saline irrigation, the applicable population and contraindications of nasal saline irrigation, the clinical operation suggestions of nasal saline irrigation, the adverse reactions or complications of nasal saline irrigation, the relationship between nasal saline irrigation and covid-19 infected by COVID-19 Omicron strain The significance and value of nasal saline irrigation for epidemic prevention and control were comprehensively analyzed and summarized in terms of the efficacy evaluation of nasal saline irrigation for the prevention and control of COVID-19.


  The final conclusion is that in the face of the severe situation of the worldwide epidemic of COVID-19, vaccination to build an immune barrier, personal health protection (standardized wearing of masks, frequent hand washing, etc.), and effective drug control of inflammation have become the main means to fight against the epidemic. Nasal saline irrigation, as an effective physical local therapy, is simple to operate, economically feasible, can reduce viral infection and accelerate inflammation recovery, help reduce social burden, facilitate promotion, and can be an economic and effective means to prevent and treat COVID-19 infection.


  Nasal irrigation can accelerate the negative transformation of COVID-19 patients


  For the content of this article, can saline nasal washing prevent COVID-19? Can nasal irrigation really accelerate the conversion of COVID-19 infected people to negative? Professor Lu Hongzhou, president of the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen and academician of the American Academy of Microbiology, told the reporter that because the Omikjon (symptom) this time was mainly in the upper respiratory tract and rarely invaded the lungs, they taught all patients to carry out nasal flushing. The control study found that the time for these patients to turn negative after washing was greatly shortened, and the hospital stay was also shortened by 5 days.


  In fact, as early as when the COVID-19 epidemic began to spread, Yu Xueqing, President of the people's Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that once the public found a clear or suspicious contact history, they could clean their nasal cavity with clean water or light saline, or remove the virus adhering to the surface of the nasal cavity. Dry salt aerosol therapy is also very effective for clearing nasal cavity.


  It is worth noting that nasal flushing is also contraindicated, and it is applicable to most people, but patients with otitis media, people with sensitive nasal cavity and easy bleeding, and children too young to operate should use it with caution. If there is nosebleed or ear pain or stuffiness within a week, nasal washing should be suspended until the symptoms are healed.


  Moreover, long-term use of saline nasal lavage is likely to cause damage to the nasal mucosa, leading to bleeding. If you use saline with uncontrollable concentration and sterility to wash your nose, it may cause serious infection.


  The principle that nasal washing can prevent COVID-19 is that nasal washing with saline can remove inflammatory secretions and pathogenic bacteria in the nasal cavity, keep the nasal mucosa clean, effectively reduce the congestion and edema of the nasal mucosa, which can also prevent rhinitis and treat rhinorrhea.


  The dry salt aerosol therapy recommended by experts in the respiratory field releases dry salt aerosol particles with high dispersion within a certain concentration range into the air through special equipment, which has the same effect as saline nasal irrigation, even more effective.


  Saline nasal washing can only act on the surface of the nasal cavity, but dry salt aerosol particles can act on the entire nasal cavity, including deep respiratory tract, reaching the alveolar.


  Sinashu, natural breathing, pure natural therapy, can prevent COVID-19!




  The dry salt aerosol therapy used by the Sinasul Salsol Therapeutic Apparatus is a pure natural therapy with almost zero side effects.


  The main component of dry salt aerosol particles is NaCl, which is an essential electrolyte for human body. The release concentration of the equipment will also be controlled at 0.5-15mg/m ³, It can be intelligently controlled according to the usage scenario.


  Even if inhaled continuously, the total amount is extremely small, which will not stimulate the bronchial mucosa or improve the airway responsiveness.




  Just as we normally take in salt through diet every day, we can inhale this kind of salt aerosol particles through natural respiration, and use the natural bactericidal properties of salt and the principle of osmotic pressure to improve and alleviate respiratory inflammation, clean up the entire respiratory system, and improve human immunity.


  Some literature points out that dry salt aerosols have negative charges, which can improve the stability of salt aerosols and avoid the leakage of respiratory mucus and bronchospasm when some patients use wet aerosols.




  The salt aerosol released by Sinasu in the air is dry, its property is relatively stable, and its electrical effect on the respiratory tube wall is more significant, which can make it enter the respiratory tract deeper and have stronger efficacy.


  In addition, the use of natural breathing, whether for ordinary people at home, or patients with respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, has better compliance and will not affect the normal way of life.


  Compared with the traditional nasal flushing method, Sinashur has significantly improved its use, safety, efficacy and other aspects. It is more suitable for household epidemic prevention under the epidemic situation, and is also an indispensable non drug adjuvant treatment for patients with various respiratory diseases.


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