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All for the health of workers -- Multiple mechanisms for prevention and treatment of occupational pneumoconiosis with Sinasul salt aerosol therapy

Date: 2022-04-29
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From April 25 to May 1, 2022

The 20th National Publicity Week of the Occupational Disease Prevention Law

This year's promotion theme is

'All for the health of workers'


The publicity campaign aims to

Deeply implement and publicize the Law on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases

Further promote employers

Implement the main responsibility of occupational disease prevention

Effectively protect the occupational health rights and interests of workers

Further enhance the occupational health awareness of the whole society

Effectively improve the health level of workers

Create the concern of the whole society

Strong atmosphere of occupational disease prevention


  Occupational disease refers to the disease caused by the workers of enterprises, institutions, individual economic organizations and other employers who are exposed to dust, radioactive substances and other toxic and harmful factors in their occupational activities.


  Information from the National Health Commission shows that the high incidence of pneumoconiosis and other key occupational diseases in China has been initially curbed, and the occupational health rights and interests of workers have been further protected.


  The number of newly reported cases of occupational diseases nationwide decreased from 27420 in 2012 to 15407 in 2021, a decrease of 43.8%. Among them, the number of newly reported cases of occupational pneumoconiosis decreased from 24206 to 11809, a decrease of 51.2%.




  Although China's occupational health work has made great achievements since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, on April 25, at the press conference held by the National Health Commission, Wu Zongzhi, the director of the Occupational Health Department of the National Health Commission, introduced that 'pneumoconiosis disease ranks first among the new occupational diseases reported annually in our country, and is the focus of occupational disease prevention and control'.


  Pneumoconiosis is a general term for a group of occupational lung diseases mainly caused by diffuse fibrosis of lung tissue due to long-term inhalation of productive dust with different pathogenicity and retention in the lungs. According to the classification and catalogue of occupational diseases in China, it mainly includes silicosis, coal worker's pneumoconiosis, graphite pneumoconiosis, carbon black pneumoconiosis, asbestos pneumoconiosis, talc pneumoconiosis, cement pneumoconiosis, mica pneumoconiosis, Potter's pneumoconiosis, aluminum pneumoconiosis, welder's pneumoconiosis There are 12 kinds of casting workers' pneumoconiosis.


  The main symptoms are cough, expectoration, chest pain and dyspnea, as well as wheezing, hemoptysis and systemic symptoms.


  Pneumoconiosis is a disease that can be completely prevented and controlled because of its clear etiology.


  According to the Chinese Expert Consensus on the Treatment of Pneumoconiosis (2018 Edition), the treatment principle of pneumoconiosis should be: strengthen comprehensive health management, actively carry out clinical comprehensive treatment, including symptomatic treatment, complication/comorbidity treatment and rehabilitation treatment, so as to reduce the pain of patients, delay the progress of the disease, improve the quality of life and social participation, increase the survival income and prolong the life of patients.


  The Expert Consensus on Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation (2021 Edition) pointed out that the goal of pneumoconiosis rehabilitation is to improve the respiratory function of pneumoconiosis patients, delay the progress of the disease, improve exercise ability, improve clinical symptoms, enhance disease resistance confidence and improve the quality of life. Among them, airway clearance technology is an important way to promote the excretion of airway secretions in pneumoconiosis patients, and is also one of the main rehabilitation strategies for pneumoconiosis patients.


  Xinasou Salt Aerosol Therapy · Airway Outline Refreshing Scheme for Pneumoconiosis


  Sinashu salt aerosol therapy is to inhale 1-5 microns of dry salt aerosol particles within a certain concentration range, enter the respiratory tract, bronchial ends and alveoli, and evenly distribute them on the mucosal surface, so as to eliminate the edema of the airway mucosa, change the rheological properties of secretions in the airway, promote the repair of mucociliary movement function, enhance the activity of pulmonary macrophages, regulate the respiratory immune function, and improve the immune capacity of the body, So as to improve and treat respiratory diseases.


  This therapy has a significant effect on the treatment and rehabilitation of pneumoconiosis patients.






  A number of studies have confirmed that dry salt aerosols have anti-inflammatory activity of respiratory tract and mucosal regulatory activity, which can help pneumoconiosis patients improve clinical symptoms, reduce pulmonary inflammation, promote sputum clearance, improve lung function and improve quality of life.


  However, the dry salt aerosol particles released into the air by the Sinashu Salsol Therapeutic Apparatus are smaller, more stable and more diffuse, which is unique in 'enhancing clearance and promoting alveolar mucus excretion'.


  In 2021, Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd., together with the Da Ai Qingchen Public Welfare Foundation, held a public welfare activity of 'Kuancheng • Lighting Hope with Love' in Luanchuan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Henan Province.


  During the activity, Kuancheng Science and Technology donated a batch of 'Xinashu Salts Sol Therapeutic Apparatus' worth 668400 yuan to 5 pneumoconiosis rehabilitation centers in Daai Qingchen, Luanchuan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and 30 patients with pneumoconiosis in Luanchuan County, which is used to support grass-roots medical institutions in the rehabilitation treatment of pneumoconiosis, care for families of pneumoconiosis patients, and improve their quality of life. At the same time, it also responded to the call of the National Health Commission for the construction of local pneumoconiosis rehabilitation sites.


  As a conscientious enterprise with the people's livelihood and health as the first priority, Kuancheng Technology will continue to play the role of Xinashu salt sol therapeutic instrument in clearing and removing phlegm in the treatment and rehabilitation of pneumoconiosis, and will continue to give back to the society with practical actions to win this battle of pneumoconiosis prevention and treatment!

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