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The National Health Commission issued: Maternal and child health care institutions are recommended to be equipped with gastrointestinal motility analyzer

Date: 2022-04-19
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  On April 15, the National Health Commission issued the recommended health industry standard 'Medical Equipment Allocation Standard for Maternal and Child Health Care Institutions', which will be implemented from June 1, 2022.


  The Standard establishes the general requirements and basic principles for the allocation of medical equipment in maternal and child health care institutions at all levels, and requires scientific, reasonable, economic and effective allocation of all kinds of medical equipment for maternal and child health care.


  According to the functional orientation and service demand of maternal and child health care institutions, it is divided into maternity health care equipment, women's health care equipment, children's health care equipment, medical basic equipment, emergency first-aid equipment, functional examination equipment, image examination equipment, biophysical and chemical examination equipment, pathological examination equipment, operating room anesthesia room equipment, central supply room equipment, health education training equipment, genetic laboratory 15 categories of reproductive medicine laboratories and information equipment.




  Among them, in the category of functional examination equipment, the Health Commission recommended that the third level maternal and child health care institutions should be equipped with digestive dynamics measurement and analysis equipment, including gastric motility analyzer and anorectal motility analyzer. In addition, the document points out that qualified secondary maternal and child health care institutions can be selected according to the standards of tertiary maternal and child health care institutions.


  The promulgation of this standard fully implements the spirit of the Fourteenth Five Year Plan.


  At the end of 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the Health Commission and other three departments jointly issued the 'Fourteenth Five Year Plan' Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan, proposing that by 2025, the level of advanced medical equipment industry foundation and modernization of the industrial chain will be significantly improved, the mainstream medical equipment will basically achieve effective supply, the performance and quality of high-end medical equipment products will be significantly improved, and the overall support capacity for public health and medical health needs will initially be formed.


  Seven key areas are defined in the plan: diagnostic and testing equipment, treatment equipment, monitoring and life support equipment, TCM diagnosis and treatment equipment, maternal and child health equipment, health care and rehabilitation equipment, and active implant intervention equipment.


  Maternal and child health equipment is mainly included. It is also one of the key areas to promote medical equipment during the 'Fourteenth Five Year Plan' period.


  According to the requirements of the Plan and the newly issued Standard, the gastrointestinal motility analyzer has become the medical equipment recommended by various maternal and child health care institutions.



  In addition, gastrointestinal motility analysis, gastrointestinal electrogram detection, gastrointestinal pacing therapy are also recommended for other multiple departments and diseases.


  Endocrinology diabetes guideline recommendation


  Electrogastrogram is helpful to diagnose diabetes gastroparesis




  The guidelines for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes in China (2020 Edition) pointed out that gastric outlet obstruction or other organic causes should be excluded before the diagnosis of gastroparesis. Electrogastrogram and scintigraphic scanning for measuring gastric emptying are helpful for diagnosis. After 8 hours of fasting, the subjects were taken to the supine position, and the electrodes coated with conductive paste were placed on the projections of the gastric body and antrum on the body surface of the subjects. The gastric electrical activities of the subjects were recorded 30 minutes after fasting and 30 minutes after eating. The main observations were the dominant frequency, the dominant power, the percentage of normal gastric electrical rhythm, the percentage of bradycardia, and the power ratio after/before eating to evaluate the gastric function of the patients.


  Diabetes branch of Chinese Medical Association. Chinese guidelines for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes (2020 Edition) [J]. International Journal of Endocrinology and metabolism, 2021, 41 (05): 482-548


  Clinical recommendation of pediatric abdominal pain


  Electrogastrography in children is helpful to diagnosis and clinical treatment




  The electrogastrogram can reflect the abnormal activity of gastrointestinal electricity in children, and can effectively diagnose abdominal pain in children caused by functional gastrointestinal diseases. The examination of children's gastrointestinal electrogastrogram can well analyze gastrointestinal electrical activity and abnormal mode, provide a good research and diagnostic basis for children's abdominal pain caused by functional gastrointestinal diseases such as clinical gastrointestinal motility disorder and functional dyspepsia, and guide clinical treatment. It is worth summarizing experience and clinical promotion.


  Ma Chunying, Shen Mei. The clinical value of electrogastrography in the diagnosis of abdominal pain in children [J]. Modern Diagnosis and Treatment, 2015,26 (08): 1834-1835


  Recommended diagnosis and treatment consensus for children with functional dyspepsia


  EGG can guide and adjust the treatment plan




  For FD children with severe symptoms or poor effects of conventional treatment, gastrointestinal functional tests such as electrogastrogram, gastric emptying, gastrointestinal pressure detection, etc. can be performed to evaluate their gastric motility and sensory function, and guide the adjustment of treatment plan.


  Xu Chundi. Consensus on the diagnosis and treatment of functional dyspepsia in children in China [J]. Chinese Journal of Pediatrics, 2012 (06): 423-424


  The 'Biofeedback Gastrointestinal Dynamometer' independently developed and produced by Nanjing Kuancheng Technology is a device that integrates the detection and analysis of gastrointestinal electricity and the treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases.


  Gastrointestinal detection and treatment, biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument is recommended!



  As the national exclusive gastrointestinal dynamic instrument for detecting and treating all-in-one machine, from the perspective of effect, this device is the only one that has done multi center clinical trials, has therapeutic prescriptions for functional constipation and postprandial discomfort syndrome, and its safety and effectiveness are at the leading level in the industry; From the perspective of product expansion, the equipment has reserved design space, which can add detection parameters and treatment prescriptions according to actual needs, so as to continuously meet the clinical use needs; Considering the use mode, the body surface detection mode is non-invasive, painless, safe, without side effects, and the patient's compliance is strong.

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