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More than 15000 cases, affecting 28 provinces, active immunization has become the trend!

Date: 2022-03-17
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  News on epidemic situation: On March 15, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference. Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health Commission and a first level inspector, introduced at the meeting that from March 1 to 14, more than 15000 people were reported to be infected by the local epidemic, which affected 28 provinces.



  Omikjon BA. 2, faster transmission and stronger concealment


  'People are still those people, but the virus is faster and stronger!'


  In the recent local epidemic situation in many places and places in China, the variant strain of Omicron is the main epidemic strain.


  When we were still 'familiar' with the widespread spread of Omikjon mutant instead of Delta mutant, Omikjon BA. 2 had appeared in the public's view with a lightning speed.


  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on March 15 local time that as of March 12, the infection cases of the evolutionary branch of Omicron variant ba. 2 were expected to account for 23.1% of the existing cases of COVID-19 variant infection in the United States.


  In February, the World Health Organization said that the evolution branch of Omicron mutant BA. 2 had begun to replace BA. 1 as the more common evolution branch.


  Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health Commission and a first level inspector, said that in the past two months, the proportion of Aomikjon's BA. 2 sub branch has significantly increased, and its transmission has further enhanced.


  Although the clinical manifestations of these infection cases are mainly asymptomatic and mild, it also increases the difficulty of tracing the source of the epidemic and early prevention and control.


  'By the time it was discovered, it had begun to spread.' This is also the reason why the epidemic suddenly increased by thousands of cases.


  In the face of the Omicron mutant BA. 2, which has faster transmission and stronger concealment, the prevention and control measures can only be taken earlier, faster, stricter and more solid.


  'More early'+'classified treatment'


  Since the virus becomes faster, we should be faster than the virus!


  If the infection is found 'earlier', the prevention and control measures can catch up in time and reduce the medical pressure.


  On March 11, the official website of the National Health Commission issued a notice to add antigen detection as a supplement on the basis of nucleic acid detection. Relevant persons in charge said that promoting the monitoring mode of 'antigen screening and nucleic acid diagnosis' and improving the monitoring and early warning system can improve the timeliness of discovery.


  'Positive' nucleic acid is the gold standard for the diagnosis of COVID-19-19 infection, but when the nucleic acid result is positive, it has been a step slower. The increase of antigen screening can screen out the possible infected persons as soon as possible and control the source of infection in the shortest time.


  'If a person has just been infected with COVID-19, the virus content in the throat has a process from less to more. When it accumulates to a certain load, it can be detected by antigen testing, and the spread of the epidemic can be quickly controlled.' Li Jinming, deputy director of the Clinical Laboratory Center of the National Health Commission, said.


  Judging from the current round of epidemic reported in various regions, most patients are asymptomatic infections and mild cases, ordinary patients account for a small number, and critical and severe cases account for a very small number.


  In order to further improve the medical treatment of COVID-19 and effectively improve the level of standardized and homogeneous diagnosis and treatment, the National Health Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine organized experts to revise the existing diagnosis and treatment scheme, forming the diagnosis and treatment scheme for novel coronavirus pneumonia (trial version 9), which was printed and distributed to all localities for reference.



  Light cases shall be subject to centralized isolation management, and relevant centralized isolation places shall not isolate people entering the country, close contacts and other people at the same time. During the period of isolation management, symptomatic treatment and disease monitoring should be done well. If the disease gets worse, it should be transferred to the designated hospital for treatment. In short, light cases do not need to go to designated hospitals for centralized treatment.


  Ordinary, severe, critical and severe cases and cases with severe risk factors should be treated in designated hospitals. Severe and critical cases should be admitted to the ICU as soon as possible, and patients with high-risk factors and severe tendency should also be admitted to the ICU for treatment.


  For key patients, in addition to the treatment strategies of 'one person, one policy' and integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, China also implements the strategy of 'moving the gateway forward', and sets up 'sub ICU' wards, where the proportion of medical and nursing forces is higher than that of ordinary wards. It focuses on strengthening the monitoring of the changes in the condition of the elderly, blocking the progress of the disease, and avoiding entering the intensive care unit.


  Active immunization has become the general trend


  In the past two years, due to the epidemic situation, 'immunity' has become a hot word and attracted much attention. As the 'umbrella' of human health, it plays a huge role in fighting against various diseases and viruses.


  Especially in the post epidemic era, the epidemic that will break out at any time is like a time bomb lying around, so the importance of 'active immunization' is even more self-evident.


  Active immunization means that in the context of the global epidemic, individuals actively pursue better solutions to strengthen immunity and improve individual health.



  For example, look at things with a more positive and optimistic attitude, take the initiative to increase the number and intensity of exercise, consciously adjust your eating habits, etc., so as to make your physical fitness and immunity stronger.


  In the face of this epidemic, in addition to scientific personal epidemic prevention measures and vaccination against COVID-19-19, you can also use sinashu small rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument.


  Effective sterilization and virus elimination: high dispersion dry salt aerosol particles can effectively disinfection and sterilization influenza A virus (H1N1) and Staphylococcus albicans, with a killing rate of 99.9% and a disinfection and sterilization rate of 96.93% for natural bacteria.


  According to the virus theory, influenza virus can be killed, and other types of viruses can be killed, which is also applicable to the inactivation of 2019 nCoV virus.


  Clearing sputum and improving lung function: in the treatment and rehabilitation of COVID-19-19 patients, respiratory tract clearance is particularly important. The sinashu salt sol therapeutic instrument has an obvious effect on resolving sputum and expelling sputum in the lung tissue of COVID-19-19 patients, which can effectively prevent the development of severe disease in the treatment of mild patients, and better help COVID-19 patients with severe disease to improve lung function.


  Enhance immunity and resistance: dry salt aerosol particles with good safety, strong stability and high dispersion, with particle size less than 5 microns, can penetrate deep respiratory tract and directly reach the lungs, activate innate immunity of lung tissue, enhance the activity of pulmonary macrophages, and regulate the immune function of the body.


  Active immunization has become the trend of the times. In the current outbreak of COVID-19, in addition to scientific epidemic prevention (reducing mobility, wearing masks and avoiding aggregation), improving your resistance and immunity and protecting yourself are also contributing to the society!


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