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The National Health Commission recommends that pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations in primary medical institutions be equipped with rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus

Date: 2020-07-28
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  In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the central leaders' important instructions on pneumoconiosis prevention and treatment, the General Office of the National Health Commission issued a notice on the pilot work of pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations (rehabilitation sites) in grass-roots medical institutions in accordance with the requirements of the 2020 National Health Work Conference, the Occupational Health Work Conference Department and the Plan of Action to Tackle the Difficulties of Pneumoconiosis Prevention and Treatment.


  The notice requires that the pilot work will start in July 2020 and end in November 2021. On the basis of follow-up survey of pneumoconiosis patients, all localities should further find out the base number of towns (streets) and villages (neighborhood committees) where pneumoconiosis patients are concentrated, and give priority to towns (streets) and villages (neighborhood committees) with good basic conditions and a large number of pneumoconiosis patients to carry out pilot work. In accordance with the principle of 'rehabilitation stations as the main part and rehabilitation points as the auxiliary part', relying on the existing township hospitals (community health service centers) and village clinics (community health service stations), pilot rehabilitation stations or rehabilitation points will be built to provide rehabilitation services for pneumoconiosis patients (including clinically diagnosed pneumoconiosis patients) within the jurisdiction.


  The National Health Commission has organized the study and formulation of the Guidelines for the Construction and Management of Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation Stations in Grass roots Medical Institutions (Trial) and the Guidelines for the Construction and Management of Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation Centers in Grass roots Medical Institutions (Trial). All localities should study and formulate the implementation plan for the construction and management of pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations (rehabilitation centers) in grass roots medical institutions in accordance with the requirements of the 'seven ones' and 'six ones' standards proposed in the two guidelines, We will refine and implement the site, personnel, facilities, equipment, drugs, training and other contents of the pilot construction, and make an overall plan to do a good job in the normalization of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures and the pilot work of pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations (rehabilitation points).


  The notice stressed that all localities should effectively strengthen organizational leadership, and implement the main responsibilities of the pilot work and the responsibilities of personnel at all levels. Through the National Technical Steering Group for Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation, technical guidance on the pilot work was strengthened. All localities should identify provincial technical support units and technical guidance experts, and ensure that the pilot work was effective through business guidance, technical training, regular visits and other measures. Increase policy preference and investment in construction and operation funds, establish a patient-centered idea, constantly improve rehabilitation treatment technology, and continuously improve the rehabilitation effect and patients' satisfaction with rehabilitation work.


  According to Article 11 of the Guidelines for the Construction and Management of Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation Stations in Grass roots Medical Institutions (Trial), rehabilitation stations should be equipped with oxygen inhalation devices, finger pulse oxygen monitors, lung function instruments with multiple functions such as evaluation, training and testing, electric PT beds, quadriceps femoris trainers, power bicycles and other equipment and facilities that can help improve the level of rehabilitation efficacy, as well as necessary first-aid drugs and equipment, Small rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus, bedside treadmill, respirator, diaphragm pacemaker therapeutic apparatus, pulley drafting device, multi-function combination training apparatus, elastic band and other related equipment and facilities can be selected if conditions permit.


  The first portable rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument in China independently developed and produced by Nanjing Kuancheng Science and Technology, which integrates medical and civil functions, Xinashu, can continuously release 1-5 μ m dry rock salt aerosol particles into the air. Rock salt aerosols enter the human respiratory system through breathing. By changing the internal microenvironment of the respiratory system, the rheological properties of dissolved substances in the bronchus can be improved, sputum can be diluted, and the vitality of mucociliary swinging can be enhanced, It can promote sputum excretion, normalize the function of bronchial ciliated epithelium, and significantly improve various indicators of lung function.


  This time, the National Health Commission recommended that the pneumoconiosis rehabilitation station of primary medical institutions be equipped with rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus, indicating that the treatment and rehabilitation effect of rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus on pneumoconiosis has been recognized by the national expert group. The Xinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus has been applied in many comprehensive hospitals in Jiangsu Province, and has been praised by doctors and patients. Kuancheng will fully guarantee the construction needs of pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations in various grassroots institutions, and appeal to more people to pay attention to pneumoconiosis and respiratory health, so that more patients with pneumoconiosis and respiratory diseases can receive timely, convenient and effective rehabilitation treatment.

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