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Kuancheng Science and Technology Gastrointestinal Dynamics Academic Conference: Gastrointestinal electrogastrography detection+gastrointestinal pacemaker point therapy, opening a one-stop diagnosis and treatment program for gastrointestinal diseases

Date: 2022-08-19
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  On the evening of August 18, 2022, Kuancheng Technology held a symposium on gastrointestinal motility. The theme of the conference was 'Application of gastrointestinal motility detection and treatment in functional gastrointestinal diseases'.


  In view of the lack of direct detection means and specific treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases, we invited Professor Xiong Guanying from the Digestive Medicine Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University and Professor Jiang Liuqin from the Gastroenterology Department of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital to give us a lecture and give us academic guidance.


  Through the exchange of experience and progress of clinical research in the field of gastrointestinal diseases at home and abroad in recent years, the two teachers provided knowledge about the existing diagnosis and treatment methods, innovative ideas and technologies, clinical trials and research of functional gastrointestinal diseases. At the same time, it has brought us a new means of diagnosis and treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases -- gastroenteroelectroencephalography (EGG) detection and gastrointestinal pacing treatment, which has won praise from the participants.


  Director Xiong Guanying and Director Jiang Liuqin both mentioned the biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument developed by our company in the meeting. This device is the exclusive national product integrating gastroenteroelectroencephalogram detection and gastrointestinal pacing treatment, providing a one-stop diagnosis and treatment plan for clinical functional gastrointestinal diseases.





  Functional gastrointestinal diseases (FGIDs) are common and frequently occurring diseases of the digestive system. In recent years, with the acceleration of the social pace, the change of living habits and the increasing degree of aging, the prevalence of FGIDs has been increasing, reaching 23.5%-74% in the general population, accounting for about 50% of the daily gastroenterology outpatients.


  FGIDs have no organic pathological changes, and it is difficult to obtain objective diagnostic basis through relevant technical equipment. At present, empirical treatment is mainly based on clinical symptoms. The traditional treatment of FGIDs mainly relies on drugs, such as digestive AIDS, gastrointestinal motility drugs, antidiarrheal and laxative drugs, etc. However, drug therapy has great limitations, easy to produce drug resistance and side effects, and the treatment effect is not ideal. Patients with recurrent symptoms and persistent treatment not only seriously affect the quality of life and physical and mental health, but also cause a large amount of medical resources consumption.


  In recent years, gastrointestinal pacemaker therapy got the authority of the clinical verification and academia, has been widely accepted by noninvasive painless, curative effect is distinct, safe without side effects and other advantages, broke the limitation of the traditional medical mode, greatly enriched the clinical diagnosis and treatment, patients brought the Gospel, and added new power for development departments and hospitals.


  The biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument of Kuancheng Technology is developed according to the principle of gastrointestinal pacing, and adopts the treatment method of surface gastrointestinal pacing, which improves the clinical diagnosis and treatment level of gastrointestinal diseases, helps medical workers actively provide high-quality diagnosis and treatment services for gastrointestinal patients, and escorts the health of patients with gastrointestinal diseases!


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