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Experts Gather in Kuan Cheng to Talk about Respiratory Health -- Salsol Therapy Seminar

Date: 2022-04-11
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  On April 8, the American academy of medical sciences, member of the international jian-an li, professor, jinling hospital affiliated to nanjing university school of medicine, respiratory and critical care medicine, professor, the first affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university, deputy director of respiratory and critical care medicine JiXu, to visit nanjing wide cheng technology co., LTD., communication, chairman of the board of directors, Mr Tang Guangjian xiao-ling shen, deputy general manager, ms Mr. Shi Lei, R&D director, accompanied the inspection and exchange.




  As an outstanding academic leader in the field of rehabilitation medicine in China, Professor Li has been committed to rehabilitation medicine for decades. Just like his name, he has been practicing 'encouraging people to build health'. 'My patients' recovery is my happiness, and rehabilitation medicine is my career.' This is a phrase that Professor Li often hangs on his lips. He will devote himself to his rehabilitation and work for the rest of his life.




  Professor Shi has been engaged in the field of respiratory critical care for many years. He once said in an interview that 'the development of severe care is closely related to the innovation of medical devices,' which also means that the emergence of innovative medical devices may play a key role in the treatment of respiratory critical care. Therefore, Professor Shi has been paying close attention to our products and clinical progress in the field of respiration.




  Director Qi has been engaged in respiratory medicine for more than 20 years, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently occurring diseases of the respiratory system, and has certain experience in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critically ill patients of the respiratory system. He pointed out that 'patients with COPD should actively take non-drug rehabilitation therapy in the stable stage', and proposed that 'salt therapy' is an effective means of non-drug rehabilitation.




  This time, Professor Li, Professor Shi, Director Qi visited our company, our company Xinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument series products in the field of respiratory rehabilitation development and research direction to make guidance.




  At the seminar, the R&D director Shi Lei introduced the operation principle, technical innovation and advancement of the core product 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument' generation product, the clinical positive feedback obtained at present, and the related situation of the second generation product developed on the basis of the first generation product.


  , the experts listened to the details of shu salt sol therapeutic equipment, first of all the products in the field of respiratory system diseases and respiratory rehabilitation 'entered row of phlegm' 'promote alveolar mucus discharge' application value recognised, then the difficulties encountered in the research and development of product and advanced development direction to the professional guidance.




  At the meeting, Qi Xu, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, shared the current research on the efficacy and mechanism of salt therapy (Sinashu) combined with aerosol inhalation in COPD rats. The research showed that salt therapy significantly improved the pulmonary function of COPD rats.




  'It is a great thing that rehabilitation benefits the people of the country.' This is Professor Li's belief in the cause of rehabilitation, and also the mission of Kuancheng Xinanshu in the field of respiratory rehabilitation!


  With the deepening of the aging population of our country and increasing air pollution, copd, asthma, such as pneumoconiosis, rhinitis patient number is also rising, chronic respiratory diseases prevention, rehabilitation and management has become a universal concern of major people's livelihood, and for this kind of chronic respiratory diseases, Respiratory rehabilitation is very important to control the course of disease and improve the quality of life.


  As a scientific and technological enterprise based on clinical medicine, Kuancheng Technology has been deeply involved in the medical field for many years. Guided by the diversified health needs of the people, Kuancheng Technology has been developing national health products based on the people to help patients and ordinary people improve their healthy living standards.


  Nanjing Kuan-cheng Technology Xinashu ® salt-Sol therapeutic instrument is a device developed based on the in-depth integration of salt aerosol therapy and modern science and technology, which is based on the clinical needs of pulse and respiratory field and the pain points of patients' home rehabilitation. We hope to bring innovative solutions to the treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory diseases, so that this non-drug therapy can be applied to the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases more flexibly and conveniently!

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