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Anorectal event, strength witness | authoritative experts recommend the use of biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument

Date: 2021-12-13
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  The '2021 Academic Annual Meeting of Anorectal Branch of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine', sponsored by China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and undertaken by Anorectal Branch of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College, was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province from December 9-11, 2021.



  This conference focused on the difficult and hot issues of anorectal department, with clinical service as the center, to discuss the discipline construction and show the new progress of anorectal department.


  Experts said that traditional Chinese medicine has always had unique advantages in the treatment of anorectal diseases, especially with the gradual younger and diversified anorectal diseases, patients have increasingly high requirements on treatment technology, comfort and recovery time.

  In the daily work of serving patients, they have the courage to make discoveries and innovations, actively understand the needs of patients, develop more comfortable, convenient, time-saving and worry saving diagnosis and treatment technologies, and improve the level of prevention and treatment of anorectal diseases in China. This is the pursuit of the experts attending the meeting and the direction of the efforts of medical equipment manufacturers.


  Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., LTD. Biofeedback gastrointestinal modynamic instrument participated in the academic exchange conference as a 'new diagnosis and treatment equipment'. Vice President of Chengdu Anorectal Hospital He Ping made academic recommendation at the conference.


  Vice President He Ping has been devoted to the theoretical and clinical research of colorectal and anal diseases for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal and anal diseases. At the conference, Vice President He Ping brought an academic share titled 'Mode Change of chronic constipation Treatment -- Discussion on chronic disease Management Mode of constipation Treatment'.

  In his lecture, he especially pointed out that biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument, as an exclusive diagnosis and treatment equipment in China, has been tested in multi-center clinical trials, and the total effective rate of treatment is higher than 80%.



  In the treatment of functional constipation and postprandial discomfort syndrome, it shows the effectiveness and safety of clinical treatment, and is worthy of being used as a diagnostic and treatment equipment of the department.



  Biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument is developed by Kuancheng Technology according to the basic principle of 'gastrointestinal pacing'. It applies modern electronic technology to simulate normal gastrointestinal electrical signals, acts on gastrointestinal acupoints on the body surface, regulates abnormal gastrointestinal peristaltic rhythm and tends to normalize, and effectively detects and treats a variety of functional gastrointestinal diseases.


  Body surface detection and treatment is non-invasive, painless, safe and comfortable, without side effects, which brings a new diagnosis and treatment experience for patients, fully conforms to patients' demands for 'convenient and comfortable treatment technology, time-saving and worry saving', and provides more high-quality services for the majority of patients.


  The all-in-one testing and treatment machine is more in line with the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment, saving space and personnel costs for the hospital, charging compliance and safety, and achieving higher efficiency. It not only increases income for the hospital and departments, but also makes new contributions to the development of the anorectal cause of traditional Chinese medicine.


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