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Han Miao, Deputy District Head of Qixia District Government and Head of Science and Technology Town Delegation, and his delegation visited our company for exchange and guidance

Date: 2021-11-30
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On the afternoon of November 3rd, Han Miao, deputy district chief of Qixia District Government and head of Science and Technology Mayor's Delegation, Wang Xueqi, director of High-tech Zone Management Committee, etc. visited our company for guidance, accompanied by Ms. Shen Xiaoling, deputy general manager, and Ms. Tang Shiwen, assistant to the chairman.


In the symposium, ms xiao-ling shen to Korea borough President introduced a line width is the history of development and planning of science and technology, and the core products ', shu salt sol therapeutic apparatus 'and' biofeedback gastrointestinal apparatus 'technology innovation and advancement, won the invention patent, product features, product promotion and market prospect is introduced.


After the meeting, Ms. Shen Xiaoling led Han District leaders to visit our technology exhibition hall and experience our products on the spot. Korea borough President enterprise highly approved by 'doing products, service society' mindful of value concept, fully affirmed the enterprise's achievements in the innovative development, and has high hopes for our products, hope wide cheng technology in the field continue to deep breathing, rehabilitation, developed to benefit the people of good product, make professional health services and advanced products technologies can benefit.

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