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Salt aerosol therapy is expected to provide a new scheme for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Date: 2021-11-01
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  October 30, 2021, by the respiratory rehabilitation medicine education association professional committee of China, the first affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university, medical association respiratory rehabilitation professional committee of jiangsu province, nanjing medical university institute of biomedical engineering and information technology, the drum tower hospital affiliated to nanjing university school of medicine to undertake the fifth successfully held in nanjing jinling respiratory rehabilitation peak BBS.




  Lin-fu zhou, jiangsu province people's hospital professor in the subject 'lung function and computed tomography (CT) phenotype in the application of stabilization copd rehabilitation' mentioned in the salt aerosol therapy as a prevention, improve, non drug in the treatment of respiratory diseases, has remarkable curative effect in treatment of copd, also cut into the two ongoing clinical trials. Professor Zhou also expressed hope that clinical trials could be unblinded as soon as possible, so as to provide some evidence-based evidence for salt aerosol therapy in the treatment of moderate to severe COPD in the future.


  Salt aerosol therapy is a method to prevent, improve and treat respiratory diseases by inhaling dry salt aerosol particles in a certain concentration range of 1-5 microns.




  Since salt therapy was introduced into China in 1995, many hospitals have conducted clinical trials on this therapy, and the existing clinical results show that it has significant efficacy in the treatment of rhinitis, asthma, COPD, pneumoconiosis, lung infection and other respiratory diseases.


  This is a kind of pure natural, non-drug therapy can help patients with lower airway inflammation, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, enhance mucus cilia clearance function, promote expectoration drainage, to prevent lung infection, relieve the clinical symptoms, improve lung function, reduce the dosage of drugs, increase drug curative effect, reduce the number of hospital, reduce the recurrence rate, improve immunity, improve the quality of life, and so on.



  Kuan-cheng technology of Sinashu salt sol therapy instrument is a salt therapy principle and modern technology combined products. Its safety, convenience, natural breathing mode, man-machine coexistence, multi-purpose, virus elimination and other functions and characteristics, for the treatment of respiratory diseases have a positive effect. At present, it has been put into clinical use by the respiratory department, otolaryngology department, rehabilitation department, pediatric department, geriatric department, ICU and other hospitals in hundreds of China.


  We are looking forward to salt aerosol therapy and Sinashu salt sol therapy instrument for the rehabilitation of COPD and other respiratory diseases to provide new means, new technology!

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