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Kuancheng Technology and "Biofeedback Gastrointestinal Dynamometer" appeared at the 5th Pelvic Floor Anorectal Disease Summit Forum

Date: 2021-11-01
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  From October 29 to 30, 2021, the 5th Pelvic Floor Anorectal Disease Summit Forum and the 12th Tongde International Academic Week Anorectal Forum were successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.




  This BBS stands by zhejiang tongde hospital in zhejiang province, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine society anorectal disease combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in zhejiang province professional committee, jointly organized by the pelvic disease and constipation group, zhejiang set up with DE/anorectal anorectal center to undertake, invited a number of domestic well-known experts and professors, for colorectal anal pelvic disease progression and many hot issues do seminar. Nanjing Kuancheng Technology with the star product 'biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument' appeared in this forum.




  Professor Cui Junhui, director of Anorectal Surgery Department of Zhejiang Litongde Hospital and provincial key discipline leader, introduced the biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument of Kuancheng Technology in the lecture titled 'Rectal and pelvic floor diseases and constipation'.




  Professor Cui Junhui has been committed to the research of constipation, pelvic floor disorders, pay attention to the relationship between hemorrhoid-prolapse diseases and constipation, he calls for more doctors to participate in the diagnosis and treatment of constipation, pelvic floor diseases.


  Therefore, he especially pointed out in the lecture that biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument, as an exclusive diagnosis and treatment equipment in China, has conducted multi-center clinical trials, and the total effective rate in the treatment of functional constipation and postprandial discomfort syndrome is higher than 80%. It is worth trying as an instrument for the diagnosis and treatment of the department.


  Biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument is developed by Kuancheng Technology according to the basic principle of 'gastrointestinal pacing'. It applies modern electronic technology to simulate normal gastrointestinal electrical signals, acts on gastrointestinal acupoints on the body surface, regulates abnormal gastrointestinal peristaltic rhythm and tends to normalize, and effectively detects and treats a variety of functional gastrointestinal diseases.

  The product breaks the limitations of traditional medical methods, and greatly enriches the clinical diagnosis and treatment means. It has the advantages of non-invasive, painless, significant efficacy, safety and no side effects, and is widely used in the detection and treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases.


  01 Gastrointestinal electrical detection analysis




  The electrical signals of human gastrointestinal tract are automatically collected by the electrode sheet acting on the gastrointestinal pacemaker on the body surface


  Accurate detection


  The advanced circuit design can effectively block the interference of ECG, skin and other signals, and accurately extract real and useful gastrointestinal bioelectrical signals


  Intelligent analysis


  The gastrointestinal electrical signals collected by special software were calculated and analyzed to objectively reflect the gastrointestinal motility and gastrointestinal motility of patients, and to provide an objective basis for comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic effect judgment of gastrointestinal diseases


  02 Treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases


  New therapeutic waveforms were used


  The 'pacing signal' is the key factor to determine the effect of gastrointestinal pacing. However, the simulated electrical signal of traditional instruments has weak stimulation effect, poor driving effect, easy to produce adaptability, and difficult to achieve the ideal treatment effect.


  Our R & D team cooperated with experts from scientific research institutions to repeatedly study and demonstrate a variety of preset treatment waveforms, synthesize special waveforms that are closer to the normal gastrointestinal electrical signals and have significant driving and stimulating effects on the gastrointestinal pacing points, so as to optimize the efficacy.


  'Two in one' comprehensive treatment


  Biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument superimposes acupoint stimulation on the basis of gastrointestinal pacemaker, and the two treatment methods have a synergistic effect, which is more significant.


  Kuancheng Technology is committed to promoting innovation by science and technology, becoming a first-class domestic family health industry enterprise, and creating a 'prevention, treatment and maintenance' as one of the large health ecosystem.


  You are welcome to know the products of Kuancheng Technology and leaders of terminal hospitals. We promise that we will treat each product carefully and serve terminal hospitals and health demanders with originality and quality.

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