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Take advantage of the wind | Sinashu Salt Sol Therapeutic Apparatus appeared in the 10th Jinling Rehabilitation Medicine High level Forum

Date: 2021-10-25
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  From October 21 TO 24, THE 10TH JINLING REHABILITATION MEDICINE HIGH-LEVEL FORUM hosted by Jiangsu Rehabilitation Medical Association was held in Nanjing International Conference Hotel.


乘风而上 | 西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪亮相第十届金陵康复医学高层论坛


  Taking advantage of the national guidance on further strengthening rehabilitation medical work and implementing the development plan of rehabilitation medical cause in the 14th Five-Year Plan, rehabilitation doctors, therapists and nurses from all over the world gathered together for the academic feast of 'cross-border integration and intelligent rehabilitation'.


  Major experts, professors and leaders in the field of rehabilitation made speeches at the conference and gave speeches on their different new ideas of rehabilitation, allowing colleagues in the field of rehabilitation, as well as online and offline audiences of more than 3,000 people to share a collision of cutting-edge knowledge and technology.

乘风而上 | 西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪亮相第十届金陵康复医学高层论坛


  Nanjing Kuan-cheng Technology closely follows the national policy trend, taking the clinical needs of pulse and respiratory field and the pain points of patients' home rehabilitation, based on the in-depth integration of salt aerosol therapy and modern science and technology, bringing an innovative solution of respiratory rehabilitation -- Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument, appeared in this conference.


  It is worth mentioning that a number of chief professors walking in the front line of respiratory rehabilitation gave full affirmation and appreciation to the clinical application of Nanjing Kuan-cheng Technology Xinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument in respiratory rehabilitation.


  With the development of the aging society, respiratory rehabilitation technology has been paid more and more attention by clinical experts. In this forum, many experts have mentioned a new means and technology in the field of respiratory rehabilitation - salt aerosol therapy (referred to as 'salt therapy').


  Professor Zhou Linfu, deputy director of the respiratory Department of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, mentioned the 'mechanism of action of salt aerosol therapy' in his speech.


乘风而上 | 西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪亮相第十届金陵康复医学高层论坛


  Inhalation of highly diffused dry salt aerosol particles can play a role in sterilization and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antibacterial, relieve edema, smooth breathing, enhance mucociliary clearance, and regulate the immune function of the body, fully affirming the positive role of salt aerosol therapy in the treatment and improvement of respiratory diseases.



  Professor Zhu Muyun, chief physician of Respiratory Department of Jiangsu Subei People's Hospital, emphasized the 'application of salt aerosol therapy in the field of respiratory and critical rehabilitation'.


乘风而上 | 西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪亮相第十届金陵康复医学高层论坛


  In addition to introducing the mechanism of salt aerosol therapy, Director Zhu also specially introduced the Xinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument of Kuan-cheng Technology.


乘风而上 | 西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪亮相第十届金陵康复医学高层论坛


  This is a microenvironment that simulates natural salt mine cave. Through the dry salt generator, 1-5 micron dry salt aerosol particles are continuously released into the air to form a high dispersion salt aerosol environment similar to salt mine cave, so as to achieve the prevention, improvement and treatment of respiratory diseases.


  At the end of the speech, Director Zhu pointed out that salt aerosol therapy, as a non-drug treatment method recommended by the National Health Commission and experts in the industry, has a promising application prospect and scientific research value in the field of respiratory rehabilitation under the premise of clinical guarantee!


  At the same time, in the rehabilitation products booth outside the conference, Kuancheng Technology respiratory rehabilitation series products display is also in full swing.


乘风而上 | 西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪亮相第十届金陵康复医学高层论坛


  This meeting, Kuan-cheng technology brought the 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument' landing and desktop equipment, fully meet the clinical needs, a number of hospital rehabilitation department director, rehabilitation doctors, industry colleagues have come to visit the experience of the equipment, by many teachers highly praised and affirmed.


乘风而上 | 西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪亮相第十届金陵康复医学高层论坛


  Respiratory rehabilitation, never stop.


  The Jinling Rehabilitation Medicine High-level Forum has come to a successful conclusion.However, Kuan-Cheng Technology will continue to strive for the vigorous development of China's respiratory rehabilitation field. With Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument as the leading product, Kuan-cheng Technology will constantly update and iteration, and constantly develop new products in the field of respiratory rehabilitation.


  We will stick to our original aspiration, bring more groundbreaking innovative technologies to the field of intelligent rehabilitation, and provide patients with intelligent medical products covering respiratory rehabilitation and digestive rehabilitation, so that professional health services and advanced products and technologies will benefit thousands of families!


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