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2021 · CMEF ends perfectly | Technology enables innovation and advancement, and Kuancheng Technology escorts health!

Date: 2021-10-18
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  On October 16, the 85th China International Medical Device Expo (CMEF), which lasted for four days, ended on a high note.

  2021·CMEF完美收官 | 科技赋能,创新进阶,宽诚科技为健康保驾护航!

  CMEF, as the most influential platform for professional medical procurement trade, corporate image release, professional information distribution center and academic and technical exchange platform in the medical industry, interprets the power of science and technology and shares the world of business opportunities by relying on top resources and acting as a 'weather vane' of the industry.


  This is an industry gathering of medical professionals, a palace of top academic summit, an excellent opportunity to see the whole picture of the industry, and a journey of opportunity to share unlimited global business opportunities.


  This year's CMEF and its series of exhibitions continue the theme of 'innovation, technology, wisdom, leading the future'. The exhibition area is newly upgraded and the scale is unprecedented. The overall exhibition and conference area is nearly 280,000 square meters. The exhibition brings together more than 4,000 high-quality exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, and holds more than 200 thematic forums.


  In this exhibition, Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd. mainly exhibited two core products in the field of respiration and digestion, which are dedicated to the rehabilitation and diagnosis and treatment equipment in the field of non-drugs.


  Direct access to Kuanteng technology CMEF exhibition site

2021·CMEF完美收官 | 科技赋能,创新进阶,宽诚科技为健康保驾护航!

  Kuancheng Technology with 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument' 'biofeedback gastrointestinal dynamic instrument' a blockbuster appearance.


  01 Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument


  02 Biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument


2021·CMEF完美收官 | 科技赋能,创新进阶,宽诚科技为健康保驾护航!



  After 7 years of technical precipitation and 5 years of clinical verification, the total effective rate for the treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases is more than 80%. It has been applied to the gastroenterology department, rehabilitation department, spleen and stomach department, anorectal department, oncology department, etc., in many Classⅲ Grade A hospitals in China.

2021·CMEF完美收官 | 科技赋能,创新进阶,宽诚科技为健康保驾护航!

  One industry at a time


  One moment one world


  Kuancheng Technology's participation in CMEF is a perfect end! But this is not the end. Looking at the future through products, Kuancheng Technology will never stop its deep cultivation in the field of respiration and digestion. We will continue to unlock new technologies, brave a new journey, empower with science and technology, advance with innovation, and escort the health of the whole people!

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