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2021 · CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference | Unlock New Technologies, Breathing Healing and Mercy Technology in Action!

Date: 2021-10-18
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  On October 16, the '2021 CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference' sponsored by the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation Medicine of China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions and undertaken by Oriental Huakang Medical Group was successfully concluded.


  The theme of this conference is 'Healthy China, Rehabilitation Medicine in action'. Kuan-cheng Technology, with 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument' and 'biofeedback gastrointestinal dynamic instrument', made a major appearance, providing more efficient and convenient diagnosis and rehabilitation programs in the treatment of respiratory diseases and functional gastrointestinal diseases.


  2021·CNMIA康复大会 | 解锁新技术,呼吸康复宽诚科技在行动!

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  Respiratory rehabilitation medicine as an important branch of rehabilitation medicine, its social function is more and more obvious.


  In March 2020, the General Office of the National Health Commission pointed out that respiratory function training is one of the main methods for post-discharge rehabilitation treatment of COVID-19 patients in the notice on Rehabilitation Plan for Discharged patients (trial).


  With the increasing aging of China's population and the worsening of air pollution, the number of patients with COPD, asthma, pneumoconiosis and lung cancer is also on the rise. The prevention, rehabilitation and management of chronic respiratory diseases have become a major livelihood issue of national concern.


  Therefore, the CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference 10 thematic forums set up a special topic of 'respiratory rehabilitation'.


2021·CNMIA康复大会 | 解锁新技术,呼吸康复宽诚科技在行动!


  In this CNMIA Respiratory rehabilitation sub-forum, Professor Shi Yi, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Jinling Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University School of Medicine, shared the 'application of salt therapy in the field of respiratory rehabilitation'.


2021·CNMIA康复大会 | 解锁新技术,呼吸康复宽诚科技在行动!


  He shared that the results of multiple clinical projects show that salt aerosol therapy can achieve significant results in the treatment of pneumoconiosis, COPD, asthma and rhinitis.


  · Pneumoconiosis & Salt therapy: Pneumoconiosis is the most serious and common occupational disease in China, as well as the occupational disease with the largest number of cases and the widest range of effects. It not only seriously harms the health and life of patients, but also has become a serious public health problem in China.


  Several studies have shown that salt aerosol therapy can reduce the levels of inflammatory factors IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-α in sputum of patients with pneumoconiosis, and better reduce the airway inflammatory response of patients. It can also reduce the clinical symptoms of patients, instantly improve MVV% and FVC%, so as to improve lung function and quality of life.


  Several studies have shown that salt aerosol therapy can reduce the levels of inflammatory factors IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-α in sputum of patients with pneumoconiosis, and better reduce the airway inflammatory response of patients. It can also reduce the clinical symptoms of patients, instantly improve MVV% and FVC%, so as to improve lung function and quality of life.


  · COPD & Salt therapy: COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in China. According to the 2017 World Health Statistics Yearbook, there are 384 million cases of COPD worldwide, and 3.17 million patients die of COPD every year. The prevalence of COPD in China is increasing year by year.


  Salt therapy has been shown to significantly improve immune status, reduce the number of hospitalizations for COPD, and improve lung function.


  Asthma & Salt therapy: The 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study showed that 358 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, an increase of 12.6% since 1990. The prevalence of adult asthma in Asia ranges from 0.7% to 11.9% (with an average of less than 5%), and the average prevalence of asthma has also been increasing in recent years.


  Li Hongyan, Weng Heng, Wang Lin et al. mentioned in the Mechanism of Clinical Efficacy Set of rock salt aerosol Therapy in the Treatment of patients with bronchial Asthma that combined application of rock salt aerosol therapy and GINA inhalation therapy can rapidly control airway inflammation (IL-4, IFN-γ) in asthmatic patients. The decrease of eosinophil count (IgE) and the improvement of pulmonary function (FEV1) in peripheral blood were more rapid, and the quality of life (ACT score) was significantly improved.


  In the field of childhood asthma, studies have also shown that salt therapy can improve the clinical symptoms of children with asthma, making children cough, wheezing, night wheezing significantly reduced.


  Rhinitis & salt therapy: The average incidence of allergic rhinitis worldwide is conservatively estimated to be 10%-20%. Meta-analysis in 2017 showed that the prevalence of allergic rhinitis in Chinese children was as high as 15.8%, and the prevalence was increasing year by year.


  'Observation on the clinical efficacy of salt therapy in the treatment of allergic rhinitis in children' points out that salt therapy in the treatment of allergic rhinitis in children relives symptoms quickly, maintains a long time, has significant efficacy, good safety, and maintains the normal physiological function of children; According to the 'Efficacy of rock salt aerosol therapy in the treatment of children with mild intermittent allergic rhinitis', salt therapy can better improve the symptoms and signs of children compared with traditional anti-allergic treatment.


  By visible on, salt aerosol therapy can help patients with lower airway inflammation, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, enhance mucus cilia clearance function, promote expectoration drainage, to prevent lung infection, relieve the clinical symptoms, improve lung function, reduce drug dosage, reduce the number of hospital, reduce the recurrence rate, improve immunity, improve the quality of life, and so on.


2021·CNMIA康复大会 | 解锁新技术,呼吸康复宽诚科技在行动!


  Therefore, Professor Shi Yi believes that salt therapy provides a new means and technology for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, which is safe and easy to implement. It is a good adjuvant treatment method and worthy of clinical application. 

2021·CNMIA康复大会 | 解锁新技术,呼吸康复宽诚科技在行动!

  The Xinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument of Kuan-cheng Technology adopts salt aerosol therapy. It continuously releases 1-5 micron dry salt aerosol particles into the air through the dry salt generator, forming a salt therapy environment with high dispersion similar to salt mine caves, thus playing the role of preventing, improving and treating respiratory diseases.


  Its safety, convenience, natural breathing mode, man-machine coexistence, multi-purpose, virus elimination and other functions and characteristics, have a positive effect on respiratory rehabilitation. At present, it has been put into clinical use by the respiratory department, otolaryngology department, rehabilitation department, pediatric department, geriatric department, ICU and other hospitals in hundreds of China.


  Healthy China, rehabilitation medicine in action


  Respiratory rehabilitation, Kuancheng technology in action


  Let's look forward to the Xinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument independently developed by Kuan-cheng technology to unlock new technology in the field of respiratory rehabilitation, provide new treatment solutions, and create more value!

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