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Experts gather, and Kuancheng Technology invites you to the 2021 · CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference

Date: 2021-10-12
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  Sponsored by the Rehabilitation Medicine Committee of China Non-Public Medical Institution Association and organized by Oriental Huakang Medical Group, the '2021·CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference' will be held in Shanghai from October 13-16, 2021. With the theme of 'Healthy China, Rehabilitation Medicine in Action', the conference will hold 10 sub-forums to exchange rehabilitation medicine technology in an all-round way and explore the construction and development of rehabilitation in China.


  Adhering to Shanghai's urban spirit of 'embracing all rivers, pursuing excellence, being enlightened and wise, and modest', Invite the relevant government department leadership, health sector member of both houses, famous colleges and schools principals, Yangtze river delta region, medical institutions, rehabilitation field, head of the relevant public 3 armour hospital, director of medical insurance and commercial insurance, experts and scholars, country and industry investors share, discuss and exchange rehabilitation medicine related topics, sharing the world, the advanced experience of Chinese medical rehabilitation.


  On October 15-16, a rehabilitation equipment exhibition was set up simultaneously in the conference venue, aiming to build an academic exchange platform for experts, a technology promotion platform for enterprises and a procurement service platform for users. A number of excellent rehabilitation equipment manufacturers in the industry will be gathered to participate in the exhibition. By sharing new technologies and products of rehabilitation medicine in the new era, it will promote the scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation of rehabilitation medicine, and help the high-quality development of rehabilitation medicine.


  Focus on respiratory, digestive field of special treatment equipment Kuan-cheng technology will carry Sinashu salt sol therapeutic instrument, biofeedback gastrointestinal power will be the main products to be introduced in the exhibition. In the treatment of respiratory diseases and functional gastrointestinal diseases, it provides more efficient and convenient diagnosis and rehabilitation programs.



  Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument focuses on the rehabilitation treatment of respiratory related diseases, is a natural non-drug rehabilitation physical therapy equipment, safe without side effects. Through numerous clinical validation at home and abroad, salt aerosol therapy has significant therapeutic effect on respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, COPD and pneumoconiosis. At present, it has been put into clinical use in respiratory department, rehabilitation department, pediatric department, geriatric department and ICU in hundreds of hospitals nationwide.



  Biofeedback gastrointestinal power meter is focused on the areas of digestive integration of detection and treatment equipment, the surface of noninvasive type gastrointestinal biological signal collection and analysis of intelligent detection, using more close to the human body normal gastrointestinal electrical signals and for gastrointestinal pacemaker has significant effect drive to stimulate special waveform, combined with percutaneous acupoints for treatment of the body. After 7 years of technical precipitation and 5 years of clinical verification, the total effective rate for the treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases is more than 80%. It has been applied to the gastroenterology department, rehabilitation department, spleen and stomach department, anorectal department, oncology department, etc., in many Classⅲ Grade A hospitals in China.


  From October 15th to 16th, Kuancheng Technology invites you to attend the 2021 CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference. Our booth number is C21-22. We are looking forward to your arrival and seeking the development of rehabilitation in the field of respiration and digestion.

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