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Profession leads scientific research and innovation | Sinashu makes an amazing appearance at the 23rd National Academic Exchange Conference on Occupational Disease Prevention and Control

Date: 2021-09-26
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  On September 24th, the 23rd National Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Academic Exchange Conference was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. From 31 provinces, municipalities autonomous regions of the country's position against the agency, the centers for disease control and prevention to attend more than 500 professionals, the academic exchange conference theme of 'meet change challenges and promote occupational health', by the Chinese medical association professional committee of the occupational disease prevention and labor health and occupational disease branch co-sponsored, sichuan university huaxi fourth hospital to undertake.

专业引领 科研创新 | 西纳舒惊艳亮相第23次全国职业病防治学术交流大会

专业引领 科研创新 | 西纳舒惊艳亮相第23次全国职业病防治学术交流大会

  The National Occupational Disease Prevention Academic Exchange Conference is the most professional, authoritative and largest annual event in the field of occupational disease and occupational health. Leaders, experts and industry practitioners from national competent authorities, industry authoritative research institutions, and various occupational prevention and defense institutes gathered together to communicate, discuss and learn the relevant national policies in the field of occupational health, specific problems in the industry, and new technologies and methods of various medical and scientific technologies related to occupational health.


  This conference will address and discuss the prevention and control strategies of COVID-19, occupational health, occupational disease classification and revision of the catalogue, and the COVID-19 epidemic and professionals.

专业引领 科研创新 | 西纳舒惊艳亮相第23次全国职业病防治学术交流大会

  In the session of Pneumoconiosis and Occupational Lung Disease, experts and scholars actively discussed the prevention and treatment of pneumoconiosis and COPD. The death caused by chronic respiratory diseases accounted for 7.0% of the total death from all causes, and was the third leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases and tumors. It was a common and frequent disease that seriously endangered human health. As an occupational disease with the largest number of patients and the largest potential population size, respiratory diseases not only bring great pain to patients, but also bring great pressure to related medical institutions.


  Professor Yan Yongjian, the academic leader of the national key clinical specialty of occupational diseases of the Ministry of Health and vice president of Shandong Institute of Occupational Health and Occupational Disease Prevention and Control, delivered a speech on the application of salt aerosol therapy in respiratory diseases, and expounded the main symptoms and treatment methods of respiratory diseases. The mechanism and clinical effect of sinashu aerosol therapy in the treatment of respiratory diseases are mainly recommended.

专业引领 科研创新 | 西纳舒惊艳亮相第23次全国职业病防治学术交流大会


  Salt aerosol therapy originated from rock salt cave microclimate therapy. It is a method to prevent, improve and treat respiratory diseases by inhaling dry sodium chloride (Nacl) aerosol particles in a certain concentration range of 1-5μm. It's a non-drug therapy. Sinashu salt sol therapeutic instrument through the dry salt generator to release dry salt particles, into the respiratory tract, terminal bronchioles, alveoli, can eliminate inflammation, control infection; Dry salt particles with negative charge, the retention of the respiratory tract is stronger, can effectively clear the airway, help discharge phlegm, improve the body immunity.

专业引领 科研创新 | 西纳舒惊艳亮相第23次全国职业病防治学术交流大会


  Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic apparatus can effectively relieve symptoms, improve pulmonary function, increase drug efficacy, and reduce the frequency of acute attacks. The main adaptive symptoms are pneumoconiosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, airway inflammation, lung infection, asthma, rhinitis, rhinosinusitis and other respiratory diseases.


  In addition to the application in the rehabilitation treatment of respiratory diseases, it also has dust removal and elimination effect on indoor environment, and is suitable for all kinds of operating rooms, ICU, wards and other places prone to cross infection. Salt aerosol therapy, as a non-drug treatment method recommended by the National Health Commission and experts in the industry, has a promising application prospect and scientific research value in the field of respiratory rehabilitation under the premise of ensuring clinical safety.

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