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"Epidemic disease" cannot be ignored, and the anti epidemic situation is shared. Kuancheng Technology donated Yifu Hospital with a total value of 400w rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument

Date: 2021-07-30
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  The outbreak caused by Nanjing Lukou Airport has drawn the attention of all sectors of society. By July 30, 2021, Nanjing reported a total of 184 local confirmed cases, including 8 severe cases. This round of epidemic has leaked into 20 cities in 10 provinces.


  According to the unified deployment of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Jiangning District, the Affiliated Shaw Hospital of Nanjing Medical University has become a centralized medical treatment center in Jiangning control area, with 273 wards and 588 beds, basically meeting the medical needs of the people in the lockdown area, and has been put into use.

“疫”不容辞 共抗疫情-宽诚科技捐赠逸夫医院总价值400w岩盐气溶胶治疗仪


  On July 29, Nanjing Kuan-cheng Technology Co., Ltd. donated a batch of 4 million yuan Xinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic equipment to Shaw Hospital, which mainly helps critically ill patients with alveolar mucus discharge, inhibit lung infection and prevent COVID-19.

“疫”不容辞 共抗疫情-宽诚科技捐赠逸夫医院总价值400w岩盐气溶胶治疗仪

  Shi Jinlou, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Nanjing Medical University, Lu Xiang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Cao Changchun, President of the Affiliated Shaw Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Yu Chunzhao, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Liu Yu, vice president of the Hospital, attended the donation ceremony and expressed their gratitude for the donation. Secretary Lu Xiang asked the role of Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument in detail, and how to configure the equipment to the ward to make arrangements.

“疫”不容辞 共抗疫情-宽诚科技捐赠逸夫医院总价值400w岩盐气溶胶治疗仪

  Shen Xiaoling, deputy general manager of Kuancheng Technology, introduced to Secretary Shi Jinlou, Secretary Lu Xiang and others the role of Xinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Clinical data show that mucus in the alveoli of critically ill COVID-19 patients cannot be discharged, which is the biggest factor leading to death. Sinashu salt-sol therapy instrument can effectively promote mucus discharge in the alveoli of critically ill patients, and provide timely and effective treatment for patients. In addition, according to clinicians, if COVID-19 patients are infected with multi-drug resistant bacteria at the same time, it will bring great difficulty to the treatment. Our clinical experiment has proved that the Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument has a good inhibitory effect on multi-drug resistant bacteria, and the elimination rate of virus can reach 99.9% in 30 minutes.


  Shen Xiaoling said that under the epidemic, all sectors of society stand together through thick and thin to help each other. Kuancheng Technology has been researching medical equipment for 15 years, and has unswervingly committed to protecting people's lives and health and returning to the society. In the future, Kuancheng Technology will continue to pay attention to the changes of the epidemic, do its social responsibility to help Nanjing improve the relief work of the epidemic, and hope that Nanjing will control the epidemic and resume normal life as soon as possible.

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