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Heavyweight! Xinashu participates in the annual meeting of respiratory rehabilitation and shares the clinical application of salt therapy

Date: 2021-07-27
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  On July 25, the fifth annual conference of the Respiratory Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Medical Association for Rehabilitation was successfully concluded in Changchun. The conference was sponsored by the Respiratory Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Medical Association for Rehabilitation, organized by the Second Hospital of Jilin University, and co-organized by China-Japan Friendship Hospital. With the theme of 'Coordinated action to establish a respiratory rehabilitation system in hospitals', the conference hopes to consolidate the foundation of respiratory rehabilitation development in all hospitals and ensure its steady and long-term development through three consecutive years of practical progress.


  Prof. Wang Chen of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Prof. Fang Guoen of Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association and Prof. Zhao Guoqing of Jilin University delivered opening speeches. The conference invited many famous experts at home and abroad to give special reports. Main contents include respiratory rehabilitation basic research, critical early acute stage, slow breathing disease rehabilitation and slow disease management, all the perioperative respiratory rehabilitation and respiratory therapy, respiratory rehabilitation and nursing, popular science, grassroots respiration rehabilitation, elderly respiratory rehabilitation, pulmonary vascular disease, pneumoconiosis respiratory rehabilitation purpose BBS, physical therapy, etc.




  In order to further improve the clinical skills and scientific research level of respiratory rehabilitation medical workers, establish a respiratory rehabilitation system in the hospital, and promote the rapid development of respiratory rehabilitation. Kuancheng Technology appeared in this conference and was shared in the Critical Rehabilitation Respiratory Rehabilitation Satellite Conference. The theme was: Clinical application of Sinashu in the field of critical respiratory rehabilitation. Kuan-cheng Technology invited Ge Huiqing, director of Respiratory Department of Run Run Shaw Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine, to share the content. Director Ge Huiqing has been engaged in respiratory therapy for more than 20 years. In 2007 and 2015, he went to the United States for research and study. 2010 American Respiratory Therapy Association (AARC) Fellowship recipient. In 2014, he was awarded the 'Adult Critical Respiratory Therapy of the Year Award' by AARC. I have published several papers in Grade I journals and SCl, and participated in the editing of many professional books.




  Director Ge Huiqing focused on sharing the problems of respiratory disease investigation and respiratory critical rehabilitation, a set of multidisciplinary comprehensive intervention measures based on patient assessment and individualized treatment, and expounded the current main means of respiratory critical rehabilitation, namely airway clearance technology and the clinical application of atomization expectorant. Salt aerosol therapy is particularly recommended. As a supplementary means of chronic respiratory disease management, to achieve the prevention, improvement, treatment of respiratory diseases. Through the professional case study and data analysis, especially about the popularization and application of salt therapy at home and abroad, it is wonderful, rich and practical, which is unanimously welcomed by the colleagues of respiratory department.




  In the diagnosis and treatment plan of respiratory diseases, drugs still occupy the dominant position. The simple use and quick effect lay the priority of drug treatment. However, many allergies and autoimmune processes are caused by drugs, and further treatment with drugs does not restore our own defense mechanisms. This view has led the medical field to think about natural healing agents and to look for supplements to non-drug treatments.


  Wide cheng science and technology, the domestic first developed dry salt generator - shu salt sol therapeutic apparatus (patent), the simulation of natural salt caves of air environment, the release of 5 microns or less dry salt aerosol particles, forming similar salt cave climate environment, the high degree of dispersion of salt aerosol can be bactericidal anti-inflammatory, antibacterial antibacterial, enhance mucus cilia expurgation, phlegm sputum. It has good treatment and rehabilitation effect for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, airway inflammation, lung infection, bronchiectasis and other diseases that are prone to recurrent attacks.




  Salt sol therapy plays a role in the core component is dry salt aerosol, its main component is sodium chloride, from the nature of natural therapy, compared with traditional drug therapy, safer, no side effects, few contraindications, high compliance of patients. It can effectively improve respiratory symptoms such as sputum production, cough and wheezing, reduce the number of acute attacks, effectively alleviate respiratory disease symptoms, and maintain a longer stable period, so as to better improve the quality of life.


  Salt aerosol therapy, as a non-drug method recommended by the National Health Commission and industry experts, has great value in the application of respiratory rehabilitation, and is worthy of widespread promotion!

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