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Kuancheng Science and Technology was invited to participate in the 21st Academic Conference of Digestive Diseases in Jiangsu Province

Date: 2021-07-12
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  In order to strengthen the academic exchange and cooperation of gastroenterology in Jiangsu Province and promote the development of gastroenterology, the 21st Gastroenterology Academic Conference of Jiangsu Province hosted by Gastroenterology Society of Jiangsu Medical Association was successfully held in Huaian, Jiangsu Province from July 09-11, 2021.




  This conference invites famous experts and scholars in the field of gastroenterology to give special academic lectures, and discuss the new concepts, new progress and new technologies in the field of diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. The conference set up five sub-sessions of digestive tract tumor, gastrointestinal motility, IBD, as well as the forum of young members and digestive nursing specialist. The conference focused on the new theories and perspectives of digestive diseases, new technologies and new progress of digestive endoscopy and other content of multi-level and multi-angle academic exchanges.


  In the specially established Gastrointestinal Dynamics section of this conference, Professor Lin Lin, Professor Fei Sujuan, Professor Jiang Liuqin, Professor Wang Fangyu and Professor Tang Yurong have respectively done the Interpretation of China's Expert Consensus on GERD 2020, Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment of IBS and Non-conventional Drug Therapy, Treatment of chronic constipation and recovery of pathophysiological function, GERD vs The overlapping status and treatment of FGIDs -- Based on the Evidence of Clinical Research 'and other topics were shared. The lecture content was rich and practical, and it was closely followed the forefront of gastrointestinal dynamic diagnosis and treatment and close to the clinic, which was welcomed by the participants.




  The conference also held an English speech contest for young doctors and a forum for young experts to promote the common progress of young doctors in gastroenterology.


  This conference is a comprehensive academic platform for experience exchange and cutting-edge progress of disciplines. Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., LTD., with its products biofeedback gastrointestinal motility instrument, made a wonderful appearance.




  Functional gastroenteropathy (FGIDs) is a common and frequently occurring disease of the digestive system. In recent years, the prevalence of FGIDs has been increasing with the acceleration of social pace, the change of living habits and the increasing degree of aging. However, there are many limitations in clinical diagnosis and treatment.


  Traditional treatment mainly relies on drugs, which are easy to produce side effects and drug resistance, and the treatment effect is not ideal. It seriously affects patients' physical and mental health and quality of life, and can even induce other diseases. Gastrointestinal motility instrument has definite curative effect on many kinds of functional gastrointestinal diseases and postoperative syndromes, which provides a new method for the treatment of diseases!


  Since 2015, wide cheng joint first affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university of science and technology, combining Chinese and western medicine hospital of jiangsu province, the second affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university hospitals to carry out multicenter clinical trials, such as complete biofeedback gastrointestinal apparatus in 'functional constipation' 'syndrome' after the meal clinical validation of the project, the total effective rate was 90%.




  The KC-3000 biofeedback gastrointestinal dynamometer integrating functional gastrointestinal disease detection and treatment was widely recognized and praised by the experts attending the meeting!



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