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Kuancheng Technology participated in the 2021 Pediatric Breathing Summit with its core product "Sinasol Salts Therapeutic Apparatus"

Date: 2021-07-07
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  Jointly sponsored by Shandong Medical Doctors Association and Shandong Medical Association, Physicians association of professional committee of the pediatrician branch breathing in shandong province, shandong province medical association branch of pediatrics breathing the professional group, the first medical university in shandong, shandong provincial hospital affiliated children's hospital of joint undertaking 'pediatric chang breath peak BBS progress and national children's respiratory disease classes' on July 2-4, 2021 in quancheng jinan was held successfully.




  The conference invited well-known domestic and provincial experts to give a multi-aspect keynote speech on the current situation and new progress of diagnosis and treatment in the related fields of pediatric respiration, allergy, infection, imaging, and pulmonary function examination, spreading new ideas, standardizing new technologies, and injecting new strength into the standardization and homogenization of the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory diseases.


  [garbage professor and professor ShenKun ling, professor, professor jian-guo hong, professor de-yu zhao, land power experts from all over the country, such as do the exercise prescription of childhood asthma, 'the history of children inhaled corticosteroid therapy and evaluation', 'the treatment of severe preschoolers breathing, respiratory infections and asthma, the early recognition and prediction of severe mycoplasma pneumonia', 'from the immune regulation 'New Directions for the Management of Respiratory Diseases in Children' and other thematic reports, the excellent expert lectures were rich in content and practical. In particular, the diagnosis and treatment plan in the field of asthma was closely following the forefront and close to the clinic, which was unanimously welcomed by pediatric colleagues.




  The control of asthma in children should start as early as possible, adhere to the principle of long-term, continuous, standardized and individualized treatment, and make corresponding treatment plans for different periods. In the acute phase, rapid symptom relief, such as antiasthmatic, anti-inflammatory treatment as the main program; In chronic duration and clinical remission period, acute exacerbation and recurrence should be prevented, and exposure to risk factors, anti-inflammatory, and reduction of airway hyperresponsiveness should be avoided. At the same time, coexisting diseases such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, obstructive sleep apnea and obesity should be treated at the same time. To consolidate the curative effect, maintain long-term stability of the disease, improve the quality of life as the goal, assisted by safe and effective prevention and control methods: such as salt sol therapy, infection control to eliminate inflammation, promote sputum clearance respiratory tract.


  The core of salt-sol therapy is that no more than 5 microns of dry salt aerosol enters the respiratory system with natural respiration. Effectively change the respiratory mucus microenvironment, so that the thallus death; At the same time, replenish the ionic components of mucus blanket to alleviate edema; Improve mucus rheology, dilute sputum, enhance cilia swing activity and promote sputum excretion. Adherence to standardized use can effectively improve respiratory symptoms such as sputum production, cough and wheezing, reduce the frequency of acute attacks, and effectively relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases. Dry salt aerosol can improve the stability of salt aerosol and avoid the leakage of respiratory mucus and bronchospasm when wet aerosol is used.




  Nanjing Kuan-cheng Technology Co., LTD., with its core product 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument', was invited to participate in the forum. The portable salt aerosol equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights innovated and developed based on the technical principle of 'salt sol therapy' has good treatment and rehabilitation effects on rhinitis, asthma and other diseases that are prone to recurrent attacks, maintain a longer stable period, so as to better improve the quality of life.


  At present, many Classⅲ Grade A hospitals in Shandong Province have carried out the clinical application of salt-sol therapeutic instrument, including respiratory department, pediatric department, geriatric department, rehabilitation department and other relevant departments to carry out the treatment and rehabilitation of pediatric rhinitis, rhinitis complicated with asthma, COPD, lung infection and airway inflammation control direction, and have achieved good results.



  Wide sincere person will be adhering to the 'science and technology is power, conscience' is the direction of the core values, with rich experience and strong technical advantage, with diversified health needs as the guidance, on the basis of professional talent team, constantly create better products and services, efforts to protect health, promoting China's health industry development contribution strength.

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