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Kuancheng Technology Salsol Therapeutic Apparatus Appears at Jinling Pediatric Respiratory Forum and National Pediatric Respiratory Disease New Progress Course

Date: 2021-06-25
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  The '2021 Jinling Pediatric Respiratory Forum and National Pediatric Respiratory Disease Progress Learning Class' jointly sponsored by the Children's Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University and the Respiratory Special Committee of the Pediatric Specialty Alliance of Jiangsu Province was successfully held in Nanjing on June 24.


  Pediatric respiratory disease is a common disease and frequently encountered disease in pediatric clinical, with the progress of science and technology, new concepts, new technology and new therapy, the workshops around the theme of 'new progress in pediatric respiratory disease', covering various theory and technology of children respiratory diseases, as well as a variety of common diseases of the specific rehabilitation and treatment plan.




  Renowned experts from the field of pediatric respiration taught the latest treatment techniques and concepts, and the conference attracted more than 300 medical staff from all over the country to attend. Nanjing Kuan-cheng Technology Co., Ltd. with the core product 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument' to participate in the class.




  Common infectious diseases in children and adolescents include sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchitis and bronchopneumonia. Allergic diseases, including allergic rhinitis, asthma and so on. Respiratory infections account for 39% to 65% of pediatric outpatient visits, while pneumonia is the most common pediatric hospitalization, with 25% to 65% of pediatric admissions. Among them, allergic disease is listed as a global health problem by the World Health Organization due to its high incidence and lack of radical treatment.




  In the diagnosis and treatment plan of children's respiratory diseases, drugs still occupy the dominant position. The simple use and quick effect lay the priority of drug treatment. However, many allergies and autoimmune processes are caused by drugs, and further treatment with drugs does not restore our own defense mechanisms. This view has led the medical field to think about natural healing agents and to look for supplements to non-drug treatments.


  Salt-sol therapy opens new ideas for non-drug treatment of respiratory diseases.




  In this learning class, children's hospital affiliated to nanjing medical university respiratory de-yu zhao, director of the children bronchial asthma combined allergic rhinitis added on the basis of conventional therapy and introduces the application in the field of 'salt aerosol therapy in pediatric respiratory', with particular emphasis on the salt aerosol therapy in the change of the respiratory tract mucous microenvironment in terms of value, It has the corresponding anti-inflammatory and sterilization, relieve edema and enhance mucociliary clearance.




  Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., LTD., as a scientific and technological enterprise based on clinical medicine, has been deeply engaged in the medical field for many years, and has always been oriented to the diversified health needs of the people.


  West shu brand salt sol therapeutic apparatus is wide joint professional medical technology and technical research and development team, after several years of precipitation technology and the practice exploration, innovation, research and development of domestic equipment, the first portable salt aerosol for rhinitis, asthma, copd, pneumoconiosis, such as duration long, easy to aid in the treatment of recurrent disease rehabilitation has a good effect, can reduce patients' drug dependence, To maintain a longer period of stability, thereby better improving the quality of life.


  Salt sol therapy plays a role in the core component is dry salt aerosol, its main component is sodium chloride, this is a natural therapy from nature, compared with traditional therapy, safer, no side effects, few contraindications, high compliance of patients. It can effectively improve respiratory symptoms such as sputum production, cough and wheezing, reduce the frequency of acute attacks, effectively relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases, and maintain a long time.




  In order to better apply salt therapy to clinical treatment and promote the popularization and application of salt aerosol therapy, Kuan-cheng Technology is first carrying out multi-center clinical trials of salt sol therapy equipment in hospitals all over the country, including children's asthma, allergic rhinitis and adult chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other related projects. In addition, the scientific research on multi-drug resistant bacteria, airway inflammation, lung infection control and other projects are also in progress.

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