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Xinasou salt sol therapeutic instrument provides a new way to improve the prevention and control ability of respiratory diseases at the grass-roots level

Date: 2021-05-24
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  On May 21, 2021, sponsored by Zhenjiang Municipal Health Commission, and co sponsored by Zhenjiang Municipal Grass roots Health Association, Zhenjiang Preventive Medicine Association, and Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd., the '2021 Academic Report Conference on Improving Grass roots Respiratory Disease Prevention and Control Ability' was held in Zhenjiang Disease Control Center.


  The purpose of this meeting is to implement the Guidelines for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Respiratory Diseases at Grassroots Level in Jiangsu Province issued by the Provincial Health Commission, actively organize the implementation of the prevention and control project of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and improve the management ability of grass-roots medical and health personnel in comprehensive prevention and control of respiratory diseases. Tang Suchuan, Deputy Director of the Primary Health Department of Jiangsu Health Commission, Qi Xu, Deputy Director of the Respiratory Department of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, Xia Yingqiu, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Primary Health Association, Wang Jian, Director of the Respiratory Department of Zhenjiang No. 1 Hospital, and Zheng Jinxu, Chief Physician of the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University, attended the meeting and gave lectures.






  As one of the undertakers, Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kuancheng Technology) will also independently develop the core product of respiratory disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, Xinashu ® Salsol therapeutic apparatus was on display. This non drug respiratory disease rehabilitation device has received extensive attention from on-site medical workers.


  During the meeting, Qi Xu, Director of the Respiratory Department of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, gave a lecture on the topic of 'Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at Grassroots Level'. He pointed out that patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) should actively carry out non drug rehabilitation treatment in the stable period, and salt therapy, a non drug therapy, has demonstrated very excellent effects in the prevention and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, especially COPD, through a large number of clinical trials at home and abroad, which is worth promoting vigorously.






  The prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and management of chronic respiratory diseases is a major livelihood issue of concern to the whole people, and also a key project of the national health system. Non drug rehabilitation programs are the direction of continuous exploration.


  As a scientific and technological enterprise based on clinical medicine and dedicated to the medical field for many years, Kuancheng Science and Technology has always been guided by the diversified health needs of the people, constantly exploring and innovating national health products that can be applied to families, and helping patients and ordinary people improve their healthy living standards. Sinashu ® The research and development of the saline sol therapeutic apparatus is inspired by the natural salt therapy in the natural salt mine cave. Kuancheng Technology presents this therapy in the form of a device by means of science and technology, making the application of this natural therapy more convenient and flexible.


  The conference ended successfully in a pleasant academic exchange, but the pursuit of medical workers to improve the prevention and control ability of respiratory diseases will not stop. Kuancheng Science and Technology will also keep its original intention. Through continuous innovation and development, it will work with more medical workers to explore new methods in the field of respiratory rehabilitation, and assume a social responsibility for the respiratory health cause advocated by China.

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