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Leader, I have a disease - "office syndrome"

Date: 2022-01-13
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  Leader, I have a disease - 'office syndrome'


  Are you being targeted by Modern Occupational disease?


  Look LIKE DECENT OFFICE WHITE-COLLAR, ESCAPED THE OUTDOOR WIND AND sunshine, but in fact for a long time with the same posture facing computer screen, in a relatively airtight office, a lot of people will be all sorts of 'modern occupational disease' come to the door.


  'Office syndrome' is one of them.



  Do you often feel lethargic at work? Especially in the afternoon when you feel sleepy and your head is bulging? They also suffer from memory loss, palpitations, heart palpitations, and heart rhythm disorders. This condition is called office syndrome.


  And that could be due to poor air quality in the office.


  In a related report, a recent Harvard University study found that the air quality in the office can seriously affect the cognitive functions of employees, including reaction time and ability to focus.



  'We have a lot of research on exposure to outdoor pollution, but we spend 90 percent of our time indoors,' said Cedinho Laurent, lead author of the study published in the British journal Environmental Research Letters.


  Therefore, indoor environment is about each and every one of us!



  Most office buildings in cities are relatively closed, which can easily lead to poor indoor air circulation.


  In many office buildings with central air conditioning, there are dozens or even hundreds of people in an open office area. Each of them has a computer in front of them. The ozone, electromagnetic radiation and other pollution generated by the computer are accompanied by heat waves from the chassis fans, mixed with the dirty air exhaled by people, endangering each of us.


  So where does all this air pollution come from? What should we do about it?


  Generally speaking, the air pollution in the office mainly comes from the following five kinds.


  1, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. - produced in office decoration and furniture


  The office furniture that can be seen in the market, whether high-grade or low-grade, is mostly based on wood-based panels, such as particleboard, density board, plywood, etc., which contain formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other volatile organic compounds.


  Partition, office furniture, wallpaper, wall cloth, aggrandizement floor could send out formaldehyde, carpet can release and two chlorobenzene formaldehyde, groups are shiny paint brushs mop filing cabinet is the main source of benzene, toluene, xylene, volatile, even also can release the leather sofa in the meeting room dirty whole room enough to formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gas.


  2. Ozone -- from photocopiers, printers and computers


  When people walk into an office full of computers, the air smells bad. After a while, they feel breathless and dizzy. Many people think it's computer radiation, but the real problem is ozone.


  The printer and copier have electrostatic effect in the working state, which will excite the oxygen in the air into ozone. When the ozone reaches a certain concentration, it has a stimulating effect on people. In addition, the chemical nature of ozone is very active, which will turn the nitrogen in the air into nitrogen oxide, and the nitrogen oxide will accumulate the stimulating effect.


  Ozone is a strong irritant odor of gas, in addition to possible carcinogenic, but also can stimulate the respiratory tract, respiratory irritation symptoms, such as cough, bronchitis. In addition, ozone can also threaten people's nervous system, causing dizziness, headache, nausea, vision loss, memory loss and other problems, damage human immunity, but also easy to make people old.


  3, dust and germs - from copies and air conditioning


  When the photocopier is working, it will produce invisible dust, and the air conditioning work, the dust will be scattered to the office, this dust and a large amount of toner, inhaled into the lungs, causing damage to the human body, but also easy to cause rhinitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis.


  Central air conditioning, its dark and humid environment is home to bacteria. In autumn and winter, the air humidity is high, which provides water for viruses and mites to survive. The central air conditioning warms all people and also warms these germs.


  4. Cigarette nicotine - lurking expert


  In public places like offices, people who smoke will be 'invited' outside, and many businesses will have a ban on office smoking. But there are always people for all kinds of reasons can not help but small suction a few, hide in the corridor, toilet, office building smoking.


  I thought I was being careful to avoid exposing other employees to secondhand smoke. It turns secondhand smoke into third-hand smoke, which is still harmful.


  Some experts remind citizens that 'third-hand smoke' mainly refers to the cigarette burning, the release of particles and gas will adhere to furniture, clothing, and even hair, resulting in the retention of a large amount of nicotine in the air and objects. When people are exposed to pollutants, they inhale these harmful substances and become victims of 'third-hand smoke.'


  So those who go out for a smoke, but with full clothes of smoke smell back to the office of colleagues, also bring back third-hand smoke, causing office environment pollution but also cause human discomfort, frequent respiratory diseases is the norm, everyone knows that passive smoking is equal to chronic suicide.


  5, organic compounds and ammonia and other irritating gases - from cleaning agents


  Cleaner is widely used in all kinds of indoor environment clean, it plays an important role to maintain good health environment, but a large number of studies have shown that cleaner can be released during the process of using a variety of volatile organic compounds and ammonia etc excitant gas, thus affecting indoor air quality and cleaning, and other indoor personnel health, is one of the office of air pollution.


  The harm latency of air pollution to human body is long, and it is difficult to intuit the degree of pollution, so there is often a situation of 'being in poison without knowing poison'.


  Therefore, the office crowd should be highly vigilant and take effective self-protection measures in time.


  1. Keep the office ventilated


  The office must often open the window ventilation, open the window for 2 ~ 3 hours can reduce the concentration of indoor allergens to more than 50%. In addition, air conditioning ventilation pipes should be kept clean, regularly disinfected, and professional personnel for daily maintenance and maintenance. Control the density of office equipment and furniture in the office, so that too much equipment is not concentrated in a small area.


  2. Strictly prevent man-made pollution sources


  Attention should be paid to remove unnecessary allergens and pollution sources in the office, clean up indoor garbage in time, and keep the environment clean; Formulate rules on office smoking to avoid the harm caused by second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke; In areas that produce high concentrations of pollutants, such as toilets, smoking rooms, warehouses, and business machine areas, it is better to install independent air conditioning or ventilation systems to increase the frequency of ventilation. Minimize unnecessary use of equipment such as printers.


  3, the use of West Nashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument


  Sinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument is a portable equipment independently developed by Kuan-cheng Technology. It can absorb and wrap the dust, dander, secondhand smoke and other harmful particles suspended in the air, so that it condense dust, to purify the air, antibacterial sterilization effect; At the same time, through the dispersion in the dry salt aerosol particles in the air, direct deep respiratory tract, by increasing the ion concentration of the respiratory tract, improve the internal environment of the respiratory tract, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and activate the lung tissue of innate immunity, enhance activity of pulmonary macrophages, regulate the body's immune function, thus effectively protect respiratory health.


  4. Take proper exercise and supplement nutrition


  During your lunch break, try to get out of the office and go outside where the air is better. Go for a walk, take a breath, enjoy the scenery, and do some exercise if possible. Wash your face with cold water, gargle with warm water and soak your feet in hot water, which is beneficial to improve your immunity. In terms of dietary nutrition, appropriate vitamin supplementation is recommended.


  It can be said that the office ventilation is not smooth, indoor air pollution is a very common phenomenon, whether in order to improve work efficiency, or out of humanistic care to protect the health of employees, it is very necessary to solve the problem of office air pollution.


  The choice of Sinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument air purification, pathogen elimination, relying on volatile dry sodium chloride aerosol, good air to the lungs, multi-effect care of respiratory health.

  Heaven Cat, search [Sinashu flagship store], in order to build a healthy and safe work fortress for the office crowd, set up a Sinashu rock salt aerosol treatment device ~

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