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Zuo Hui, Chairman of Shell, died of illness. Prevention of lung cancer starts with daily lung care!

Date: 2021-05-21
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  On May 20, Shell issued an obituary, saying: 'I am very sad today. Zuo Hui, the founder and chairman of Shell, left us because of lung cancer.'. Suddenly, he quickly went to hot search. He was only 50 years old and worth hundreds of billions. He just became the richest man in real estate. Zuo Hui has always given people an energetic image, but in fact, he was diagnosed with lung cancer many years ago and received chemotherapy. The anti-cancer course of 'the largest intermediary head in Beijing' lasted for 8 years, and he never overcame the disease. While regretting, we can also feel that for ordinary people, the root cause of blocking some diseases is 'prevention'.



  According to a survey of China's cancer statistics in 2015, about 4.3 million people in China were diagnosed with cancer, including 2.8 million people who died of cancer. The reason behind the high mortality rate is worth pondering: many patients are diagnosed with cancer in the middle or even late stage, when treatment is already very difficult. Taking lung cancer as an example, 70% of patients are locally advanced and advanced patients, and they have lost the precious opportunity of radical surgical treatment. Therefore, the prevention of lung cancer should start with daily lung care.



  1、Regular physical examination


  The reason for the high incidence of lung cancer in China can be summarized as 'five gases and three haze'. The so-called 'five gases' refer to outdoor air pollution, indoor tobacco smoke pollution, kitchen oil smoke pollution, volatile gas pollution caused by house decoration, and psychological pollution caused by long-term love of 'stuffy' gas. 'Three haze' refers to outdoor haze, indoor haze and inner haze.


  The occurrence of lung cancer is not uncontrollable. It is a chronic disease caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Early detection of lung cancer can be cured, especially for those high-risk groups who are older, have low resistance and have an unhealthy lifestyle, they should receive a relevant physical examination every year.


  2、Smoking and quitting smoking


  As we all know, nicotine is one of the biggest culprits in lung cancer. Cigarettes contain hundreds of harmful substances, including 69 clear carcinogens. Although a few puffs will not immediately feel the damage to the body, in the long past, when the carcinogens in tobacco really began to play a role, it was already too late. We should leave the control of smog to the government and the control of indoor smog to ourselves.


  3、Keep a good mood


 In addition to regular physical examination, early detection of lung cancer, and keeping away from tobacco, cutting off the main route of transmission of lung cancer, the governance of 'heart haze' is also one of the keys. Long term stress is harmful to our health, and large emotional fluctuations have adverse effects on our health. Therefore, we should learn to express our 'stuffiness' in our hearts, communicate with our family and friends frequently, and alleviate the harm of our 'stuffiness' in our hearts.


  4、Salt therapy is indispensable



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