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520, please transfer it to Amy! Are you still sunblocking like this?

Date: 2021-05-20
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Summer comes

Ultraviolet radiation becomes stronger

People in love with beauty have started 36 sunscreen strategies

Especially Sunscreen Spray

Take it with you wherever you go

But here comes the problem

Sunscreen Spray

Are you really using it right?



be careful! The above are error demonstrations!!!

Sunscreen Spray should not be sprayed on the face

99% of the Sunscreen Spray on the market is pure chemical sunscreen

The key point is

The main ingredient of Sunscreen Spray is not sunscreen

But volatile propellant

Propellant can be rapidly gasified at room temperature

A substance that creates pressure to push a liquid

Butane, isobutane and propane are the most common spray propellants

These are common components in LNG

It can be seen from the ranking on the ingredient list

Propellant can account for more than half of a bottle of Sunscreen Spray

The high can even reach 70%


The propellant actually has no problem contacting the skin

But inhalation is not good!

Sunscreen spray particles are very fine, most of which are powder materials

If directly sprayed on the face

The human body easily inhales these chemical powders

Once inhaled, it cannot be discharged

To induce disease

Don't feel like holding your breath when spraying on your face

Because the sunscreen spray will form a circle of mist around you after spraying

Inhalation risk still exists after spraying

Another Sunscreen Spray that boasts physical sunscreen

The most common ingredient is titanium dioxide

This substance has been labeled as a Class 2B carcinogen by the European Union

Research shows that inhalation of titanium dioxide may cause lung cancer






The function of sunscreen products is to prevent light aging and light damage

It may also bring some adverse reactions

Such as allergy, irritation, etc

Whether it's chemical or physical sunscreen

Can't completely block ultraviolet rays

Whether to use sunscreen skin care products is a process of weighing advantages and disadvantages

If not working outdoors for a long time

It is recommended to choose hat, glasses, umbrella and other sunscreen methods


The lungs are delicate and risky

Protect and nourish the lung more

SinashuSalsol therapeutic apparatus

Your trusted daily lung care expert

Accompany with heart and love


Sinashu gives Aido an expression


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