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In spring, laughing is easy to cause allergy to pollen and catkins?

Date: 2021-04-19
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Every spring

Some people with allergies will inevitably experience a 'battle' with pollen

Many people will be confused

I have paid attention to protection

Stay away from flowers in spring

Why do you still have 'pollen allergy'?

In fact, it's not just pollen that causes allergies

Many allergens are transmitted by wind

Under the action of wind, the wool of willow and other trees and weeds

It will float to people and be inhaled, causing allergic reaction

So the culprit of allergy

Maybe not flowers, but trees and grass


Never laugh in the sunny spring

Because it will suck wool into the respiratory tract~


Landscape expert prediction

The first high incidence period of willow catkins this year

Will appear from April 10 to 15

The second high incidence period is from late April to early May

Except for allergy

The climate is dry in spring, and the human body is short of water

Reduction of respiratory mucosal barrier

Pathogenic microorganisms grow actively and diseases are easier to spread

Frequent influenza and other infectious diseases


Sinashu Rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument

Pure natural, non drug

Prevent, improve and treat respiratory diseases

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