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What to do with allergic rhinitis in the season of catkins?

Date: 2021-04-07
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  The romantic spring, when flowers are in full bloom, is a good time to go out for an outing, but it is also a high season for pollen, catkins and other allergic rhinitis. Especially in the time when the epidemic has not subsided, the trouble is not small. A sneeze can make passers-by automatically retreat.



  Flying catkins are different in different regions. Most of them are poplar catkins in the north, such as the famous 'white haired Poplar' in Beijing. Cities like Nanjing, where Wutong trees are widely planted, have to accept the double bombardment of Wutong catkins and poplar catkins.


  The allergy caused by flying catkins mainly occurs in the upper respiratory tract and skin. Skin allergy refers to skin itching, erythema and even edema after contact with flying catkins. The upper respiratory tract allergy is caused by inhalation of flying catkins in the nasal cavity, which causes a series of symptoms similar to colds, such as itching, runny nose, cough, and even edema and congestion in the respiratory tract, causing allergic rhinitis and asthma.


  From a medical point of view, flying catkins themselves are non-toxic and harmless, and do not cause sensitization. However, when flying catkins float in the air, they will touch bacteria, viruses and pollen in the air and form allergens. Generally, it has little impact on ordinary people, but for people with allergic constitution, the pain caused by flying catkins is torture.


  Not only allergic rhinitis, any kind of rhinitis will bring endless troubles to patients. Many patients with rhinitis have a common experience: oral medicine and topical medicine can only temporarily relieve symptoms. In fact, rhinitis is not incurable, the key is to find the cause. Rhinitis is not just a problem of the nose, nor is it just a problem of the respiratory system, but a manifestation of the decline in immune function. This is why some people can recover from the same cold quickly, while others turn to chronic rhinitis, asthma and even pneumonia. In order to cure the disease thoroughly, the most important thing is to change the patient's allergic constitution and improve the body's immune ability in an all-round way, so as to achieve the effect of 'treating both the symptoms and root causes and plugging the source'.



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