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Warning! Wu Mengda died of liver cancer, lung cancer is more terrible than liver cancer!

Date: 2021-03-18
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  Not long ago, Wu Mengda, the golden partner of Stephen Chow who brought countless laughter to the audience on the screen, died of liver cancer. While lamenting, countless movie fans also feel that all kinds of cancers seem to be getting closer to us... But you know, liver cancer is not the closest cancer to us. Among the top ten cancer types and cancer deaths in China, lung cancer has ranked first for ten consecutive years.


  Look at a group of data: the number of lung cancer cases in China is about 800000 every year, and the number of deaths exceeds 700000, accounting for more than 1/3 of the world! At present, 75% of lung cancer patients in China are between 45 and 65 years old, and the age of lung cancer incidence is decreasing year by year.


  Many people know that lung cancer is related to long-term smoking, but it does not mean that non-smokers will not get lung cancer. Research shows that the high-risk groups of lung cancer are as follows:


  ◆Long term active or passive smokers


  ◆Occupational exposure, long-term exposure to industrial pollutants such as uranium, radium and asbestos


  ◆Immediate family members have suffered from lung cancer


  ◆Chronic pulmonary diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


  In the early stage of the onset of many tumors, there may be no symptoms, which can also be said to occur quietly. At this time, there are only some small symptoms, which are often not enough to attract attention. Over time, the disease has become uncontrollable in the middle or even late stages.


  So what small symptoms of early lung cancer need attention?


  1、Dry cough without phlegm. Cough is usually the first symptom of lung cancer and is easily ignored. Lung cancer cough is mostly dry, with less and sticky sputum. If there is no history of cough in the past, and there is no cause of cough, cough does not heal for 2-3 weeks, please be alert and see a doctor in time.


  2、Hemoptysis and blood sputum. Hemoptysis and blood sputum is also one of the first symptoms, which is manifested as intermittent repeated small amount of blood sputum, bright red, occasionally large hemoptysis. If you are over 40 years old and have no hemoptysis in the past, and suddenly have unexplained blood sputum, you must pay attention to it and seek medical advice as soon as possible.


  3、Chest pain is not fixed. Chest pain caused by lung cancer generally shows that there is no fixed place of pain, severe chest pain, no delay of pain, and it can be accompanied by irregular chest tightness, compression, and can involve the shoulder, back, and upper limbs. If chest pain occurs, please be alert to whether it is a sign of lung cancer after eliminating heart disease.


  4、Symptomless fever. At this time, the chest lump may have blocked the trachea, toxic and harmful substances cannot be discharged normally, and bacteria continue to accumulate, causing fever symptoms. In case of fever of unknown cause, be sure to be alert.


  Cancer does not happen overnight. It is often hidden in the details of life. To deal with the number one cancer killer, we need to take action in life. Lung cancer is difficult to treat, prevention is the key! The two clear risk factors leading to lung cancer are smoking and air problems. Prevention of lung cancer should start from these two aspects.


  First of all, of course, do not smoke, or quit smoking immediately. The data show that the incidence rate of lung cancer among smokers is 10-20 times higher than that of non-smokers. The earlier you actively quit smoking, the more effectively you can reduce the risk of lung cancer. Secondly, the environment is another important factor leading to lung cancer. The pm2.5 in the outdoor air, the lampblack in the room, the second-hand smoke, mold, virus, etc. will also cause great harm to the lungs. Many people will think of installing an air purifier in their first reaction, but can your house really make the air clean?


  A large amount of dust and bacteria are attached to the surface of the filter screen, which is simply a hotbed of pathogenic bacteria. When the temperature, humidity and wind speed rise to a certain extent, the adsorbed pollutants may become mouldy and free to cause secondary pollution. Do your lungs really stand up to this?


  It is not empty, but it is better than empty!


  The Sinashu Salsol Therapeutic Apparatus can continuously release 1-5 micron dry rock salt aerosol particles, which can form a suspension system in the air for a long time with negative charges, and can adsorb and wrap harmful particulate matters such as dust, second-hand smoke, hair dust, pollen, etc. in the air to make them coagulate and settle.


 The aerosol of Sinashu is a non filtering natural purification component, which is evenly distributed indoors without dead corners and does not cause secondary pollution. In addition, the killing rate of salt aerosol to pathogenic bacteria and influenza virus was 99.9%. Virology experts at home and abroad said that COVID-19 can be killed if influenza virus can be killed!


  Why Sinashu Salsol therapeutic apparatus It is not empty, because its core function is Assist in the treatment of respiratory diseases, clear and protect the lungs, improve lung function, and enhance immunity.


  Salt sol particles suspended in the air can also enter and evenly distribute in the respiratory tract mucosa and alveoli of the human body through respiration, which can effectively diminish inflammation, kill bacteria and fight viruses, help repair the inflammatory damage of lung cells, stimulate the activity of pulmonary macrophages, and enhance their own defense capabilities.


  Cancer is a terrible word, but if we can change some bad lifestyles, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and integrate the awareness of protecting and nurturing the lungs into the details of life from now on, then 'cancer' can be just a medical term for us!

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