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Nourishing the lung in spring is equal to nourishing the life! Get these moves quickly~

Date: 2021-02-25
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  At the beginning of the new year, when spring returns to the earth and everything recovers, people come from nature and are also affected by nature. In spring, human cells begin to enter a new cycle of vigorous and active growth and development.


  One year's plan lies in spring

  Nourishing the liver in autumn, the heart in summer, and the kidney in winter

  What is the most suitable for raising in spring?

  Of course, it nourishes the lungs~


  The cold and hot weather intersect in spring, and it is easy to get hot in spring. In addition, allergic substances such as pollen increase in the air. It is very easy to damage the delicate lungs during breathing. Once the lungs are damaged, it will affect the whole body. Therefore, it is better to nourish the lungs before nourishing life~


  For these three groups, it is urgent to nourish and protect the lungs:


  ▶If dry mouth and dry tongue, rhinitis, allergy, asthma, etc. occur every spring, it indicates that the lungs have been violated;

  ▶If you have cough, especially dry cough, asthma, phlegm in the throat, hoarseness and other symptoms, it means that your lungs have problems;

  ▶For smokers and second-hand smokers, harmful substances are more likely to deposit in the body. If you hold your breath for less than 30 seconds after taking a deep breath, it means that the lung function has declined, and it's time to quit smoking and protect your lungs!


  In addition, what you may not expect is that patients with rhinitis should also pay attention to nourishing the lungs.


  The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine says that the lung opens the nose. The nose is a very important organ in the lung system. So, if you are worried about rhinitis, don't hold your nose. Instead, start to take good care of your lungs.


  Tips for lung protection in spring:  

  1、Breathing Tips  

  Breathe as slowly as possible, which is helpful to the maintenance of the lungs. Here we introduce a breathing method mentioned in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon, called the breath closing method: hold your breath until you can't stand it, and then breathe again. This is repeated seven times, and regular exercise, which is helpful to enhance our lung function.


  2、Active cough  

  The natural dust, metal particles and toxic substances of emphysema will cause damage to the lungs first after entering the lungs through breathing, while active cough can clean the lungs. You can find a place with fresh air. First, relax your body, touch your lungs gently with your fingertips, inhale steadily until your lungs bulge, until your lungs are full of gas, let the gas stay in your lungs for 4 seconds, and then exhale slowly.


  3、Reasonable diet and balanced nutrition 

  Nourishing the lung should mainly focus on nourishing yin and clearing heat, moistening dryness and promoting fluid production, with less salt and oil, and light. Lung is one of the paths of water loss in human body. To protect lung, it is necessary to maintain a normal amount of water. Use 200 ml water cup and drink 6-8 cups every day. Drinking enough water can not only promote the metabolism of the body, but also maintain the normal wetness of the lungs and respiratory tract, effectively improving the disease resistance and immunity of the human body.


  4、Get enough sleep and exercise moderately  

  Studies have found that sleep is not only able to eliminate fatigue and generate new vitality, but also closely related to the ability to improve immunity and resist diseases. Proper exercise is also an effective way to improve immunity.


  Recommend a black technology for nourishing lung in spring -- Sinasol Salts Therapeutic Apparatus


  Sinashu Salsol Therapeutic Apparatus can release extremely small dry salt aerosols, which can help fight against pollen, dust and other allergens in the air, so that they can coagulate and settle, and no longer worry about allergens; It can also absorb smoke and other particles, letting you say goodbye to the nightmare of second-hand smoke.



 In addition, as a material system that can be suspended in the air for a long time, dry salt aerosol can also play an outstanding role in sterilization and anti-virus. According to the test conducted by professional institutions, the killing rate of Sinashu Salts Sol Therapeutic Apparatus against bacteria and influenza virus reached 99.9%. Virology experts at home and abroad said that if you can kill the influenza virus, you can certainly kill COVID-19!


 Speaking of COVID-19-19, the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said: COVID-19 may become a long-term epidemic infectious disease. Although vaccines have been developed, there are still many uncertainties. The CDC also pointed out that patients with severe allergic constitutions cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19-19. So for this kind of people, we should be more careful to protect and nourish the lung! In the context of the long-term prevalence of COVID-19, to protect and nourish the lungs, sinashu salt sol therapeutic instrument can be said to be the best choice for home and office!


  On the one hand, Sinashu Salsol therapeutic apparatus It can improve the air quality of living and working environments, and spread a defense network against viruses, bacteria and dust from the source; On the other hand, it can also improve and repair the internal environment of the respiratory system, reduce the occurrence of inflammation, repair respiratory and lung injuries, and truly integrate 'prevention, treatment and maintenance'.

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