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Air pollution is becoming increasingly serious, and salt wind breathing has aroused public concern

Date: 2021-02-01
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  With the advancement of industrialization, air pollution has become a worldwide disaster. More and more people suffer from respiratory diseases, and more and more people are susceptible to it and allergic.

  In 2018, through an online survey data, the National Health NGO briefly analyzed the current atmospheric composition, and also elaborated on the impact of air quality on people today. The data points out that compared with previous years, the range of young adults in the low incidence area of allergic rhinitis is increasing year by year. In the past, we believed that allergic constitution and respiratory problems generally occurred in people with weak constitution, but now the trend is spreading to people of all ages. The root of the problem is that these young people have not paid attention to the impact of air pollution on the respiratory tract since childhood.


  Generally speaking, respiratory diseases such as colds and pneumonia in childhood, if not treated and cured in a timely manner, will easily leave hidden dangers for children's bodies and increase their likelihood of becoming allergic patients in the future. Therefore, the more young and middle-aged people suffer from respiratory diseases, the more it shows that paying attention to the physical health of children is the top priority. In fact, the concept of clean ecological environment has long been advocated, but it is not easy to change the air quality of a region, a city, or even a country?


  Are we helpless to see children suffering from the 'persecution' of air pollution since childhood? Of course, the answer is no. We can start from improving the indoor air environment and the internal respiratory environment.


  Salt wind respiration It refers to halite aerosol respiratory therapy, which originated in Germany and Poland in Europe. It is a homeopathic therapy that uses the microenvironment of natural halite mines. It is widely used in Europe and the United States to clean, protect and repair the respiratory system. Its main therapeutic factor is 1-5 micron dry halite aerosol particles released by the saline therapeutic apparatus.


  Dry salt aerosol particles have high dispersibility and strong negative charge. When suspended in the air, they can adsorb and wrap fine dust, animal hair, pollen, second-hand smoke, mold spores and other particles in the air to make them coagulate and settle, and help patients with allergic diseases reduce allergen contact from the external environmental level.



 In addition, salt wind breathing can also help regulate the immune state from the internal environment of the machine. It has been proved that salt aerosol therapy can reduce the number of eosinophils, macrophages and lymphocytes in the airway mucosa by improving the airway microenvironment, and reduce the level of IgE and IL-4 in the body blood, thereby reducing airway inflammation.


  Therefore, the saline sol therapeutic apparatus can help alleviate symptoms and improve immune function of allergic patients by combining the external air environment and the internal respiratory environment. All of these are created to fight against industrial dust, second-hand smoke, life smog, car exhaust and other harmful toxic gases in the atmosphere. Especially for newborn children, creating a good and healthy breathing environment can enable them to thrive and establish excellent immune system functions from childhood. The quality of this effect will even directly affect the future physical fitness of children.

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