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To stop coughing blindly, it is better to know about the rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument - a new method of clearing the lung and expelling phlegm!

Date: 2020-07-24
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  Many parents may have such an experience: when a child has a cold and coughs, his heart will also tremble. He is afraid that he will cough into pneumonia accidentally, so cold medicine, cough medicine and anti-inflammatory medicine will take turns... As a result, the disease is not alleviated, sometimes even aggravated. What is the matter?


  The evaluation of 69 commonly used children's cold and cough medicines by the British Medicines and Medical Products Administration (MHRA) shows that 'these medicines have no obvious effect', but will cause side effects such as 'allergic reactions, hallucinations and sleep disturbances'. MHRA pointed out that the risks to children's health caused by these drugs exceeded their claimed positive effects.


  'Cough' is a natural action of human beings. It is an important mechanism for human body to defend itself. With the powerful swing of airway cilia, secretions in the airway are transported from the peripheral airway to the central airway, throat and pharynx, and finally are coughed up or swallowed.


  In fact, cough itself will not become pneumonia, but pneumonia will cause cough, cough is a manifestation of pneumonia. Inflammation in any part of the respiratory tract will cause a series of reactions such as cough. Pneumonia is mainly a pulmonary infection caused by viruses or bacteria. A survey shows that the heavy use of cough medicines in China is a very important reason for the frequent occurrence of pneumonia in children! The cough reflex of children is weak. Antitussive drugs inhibit the cough reflex by acting on the cough center. Although they can temporarily relieve cough symptoms, they will lead to accumulation of sputum in the respiratory tract, making it more difficult to discharge. Sputum contains a large number of bacteria. When the bacteria multiply to a certain amount in the sputum, they will descend to infect the lungs, causing pneumonia.


  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggested in its public guidelines that it is necessary to restrict children under 6 years of age from taking cough medicines.

  Although drugs can sometimes alleviate symptoms, they are ultimately harmful to the body. As an unnatural substance in the body, drugs make the overloaded organs more tense. These organs regard them as poisons to neutralize and excrete. Therefore, drugs can only worsen the internal environment and bring about other side effects. In order to resist these side effects, it is often necessary to prescribe other drugs to take, thus forming a vicious circle.


  As a kind of cough medicine containing codeine, it is an anesthetic, which can inhibit and slow down the respiratory rate, and has a certain degree of addiction, which is very dangerous for children. The average person can't stand coughing for a week, but foreign research shows that: ordinary children's cough cases will recover within 10 days without any treatment, while 90% of children's cough will naturally recover within 25 days.


  Our lungs are always exposed to the external atmospheric environment. Dust, exhaust gas, viruses and germs enter our lungs directly through respiration. If the self-cleaning of the lung is blocked, we can imagine where these harmful substances will go. To stop coughing blindly is to cut off the self-cleaning channel of the lungs. The accumulation of harmful substances in the lungs is more harmful than coughing.


  Don't stop coughing blindly!


  There are many causes of cough, so we should first determine the cause and then choose a targeted treatment plan, rather than blindly stop coughing! Sudden cough is usually a protective cough caused by inhaling foreign matters; The cough caused by a cold often lasts for several days and can heal itself; Usually, chronic and persistent cough is pathological, and the causes may be smoking, allergic reaction, asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, etc., which requires timely medical treatment.


  Pay attention to the daily cleaning of lungs and expectoration!


  It is often said that 'promote the lung and stop coughing'. The daily maintenance of the lung is very important. The lung needs to be nourished, but also clear! Salt sol particles have natural bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, which can dehydrate and kill bacteria in the secretion of the airway, improve the environment of its microbial community, and thus inhibit the possibility of changing from simple cough to pneumonia.



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