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Will the spread of COVID-19 be slowed down by the arrival of summer?

Date: 2020-04-29
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  The common respiratory viruses are generally active in autumn and winter, and relatively silent in summer. The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic situation in 2003 also receded after the weather became warmer. As the northern hemisphere, where about 90% of the earth's population lives, enters summer, will the spread of COVID-19, which was first reported in winter 2019, be curbed due to rising temperatures?


  The outbreak of COVID-19 in multiple places around the world and its continuous spread have proved that COVID-19 has the ability to spread under various climatic conditions. The World Health Organization also said that according to the evidence obtained so far, COVID-19 can spread in all regions, including hot and humid regions.


  Although it is difficult for researchers to agree on the topic of whether high temperature can kill the virus in the medical community, it is recognized that COVID-19 is extremely cunning, with many ways of infection and hidden means of infection. We may get the help of warmer weather, but this is not the solution, because tropical countries do have the spread of the virus.


  Experts also said that the view of relying on temperature rise to control the epidemic lacks scientific evidence, but some characteristics of COVID-19, as well as people's immune system and behavior patterns, may change with seasons and temperatures, thus having a certain impact on the development of the epidemic.


  COVID-19 is more like an upgraded version of SARS, and we can't put the story of the automatic demise of SARS after the hot weather on COVID-19. Therefore, it is not ruled out that the epidemic situation can be alleviated after the temperature rises in the Northern Hemisphere. Whether the epidemic situation will return in autumn and winter in the Northern Hemisphere in the second half of the year, and whether it will recur periodically with the temperature, is still unknown.


  With the warm spring and the relatively long May Day holiday this year, many people want to release themselves. Sinashu Manufacturer of salt therapy instrument It is also important to remind everyone that this virus is not only susceptible to Asian people, but also infected by people of other ethnic groups. Mountains and rivers are different and the weather is the same. We should correctly face the danger of this epidemic, and more importantly, we should be committed to maintaining the stability of the world. We should not cause trouble to neighboring countries, provinces and cities where we are, continue to protect ourselves, and work together to maintain world stability. We should wash our hands frequently and gather less, It is still the rule we need to remember and follow.

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