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The rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus, which is just needed for national prevention and control, has become the "official recommendation"!

Date: 2021-11-09
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  Recently, the comprehensive group of the joint prevention and control mechanism for novel coronavirus pneumonia under the State Council issued the notice on doing a good job in influenza prevention and control in the epidemic season of 2021-2022, requiring that the work plan for influenza medical treatment be refined, the training of medical personnel and the storage of drugs and materials be strengthened, and efforts should be made to reduce serious cases and the fatality rate.



  150 million patients promote a new air outlet!


  Rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus became 'officially recommended'


  Among many diseases caused by influenza, chronic respiratory diseases are the most common, and there have always been clinical pain points of acute onset, high misdiagnosis rate and slow cure.


  According to the study of The Lancet in 2019, the number of patients with chronic respiratory diseases in China has exceeded 150 million at this stage, of which more than 50% are over 20 years old, and nearly 13.7% are over 40 years old. The mortality rate ranks third in the disease mortality rate in China.


  In the face of such a large group of patients, 'early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment' is particularly important.


  To this end, in July last year, the National Health Commission published the official standard on the allocation of treatment equipment for chronic respiratory diseases at the grassroots level in the Guidelines for the Construction and Management of Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation Stations in Primary Medical Institutions (Trial). It is worth noting that the rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus has become the treatment equipment preferentially recommended in the Guidelines: conditional rehabilitation stations can be equipped with small rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus, bedside treadmills, ventilators, multi-function combined training apparatus and other related equipment.


  In June this year, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission also mentioned in the Implementation Plan for Building the Service Guarantee Capacity of Occupational Disease Diagnosis and Other Institutions in Beijing in 2021 that it is recommended to purchase small rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus and other equipment, and required to complete equipment procurement, installation and commissioning before the end of October 2021.



  Why does the official frequently recommend the saline sol therapeutic apparatus? It is understood that the rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus directly acts on the lungs in the form of aerosols, helping patients prevent, improve and treat respiratory diseases more effectively. At the same time, the salt sol therapeutic instrument can also play the role of disinfection and sterilization and sensing control in the indoor environment, greatly reducing the risk of COVID-19-19 and influenza overlapping epidemic in primary medical institutions.


  It can be seen that with the issuance of the 'influenza prevention and control work plan' and the repeated outbreaks, the demand of medical institutions at all levels for rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus will rise straightly!


  According to statistics, there are 1026000 medical and health institutions nationwide, including more than 700 public and private rehabilitation hospitals and 155000 health care institutions. That is to say, in the national health care sector, the market size of rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus has exceeded 100 million. If it is popularized to the rehabilitation department of the national medical institution, its market size will exceed 10 billion!


  The time has come, but there are many kinds of salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus on the market. For dealers, how to purchase more appropriate rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus?


  To meet the needs of national prevention and control


  Keep more people away from the 'silent killer'


  'Sinashu' rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument is coming


  Facing the nationwide hot investment attraction!


  Sinasu Rock Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Apparatus is the first portable salt therapy device developed by Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd., which can provide all-weather medical protection for patients.


  Its working principle is to integrate the natural salt cave therapy originated from nature into one device, and then release dry salt particles in the air through it to effectively disinfection and sterilization 99.90% of H1N1 influenza viruses in the air, thus playing a good role in prevention, improvement and treatment of bronchial asthma, rhinitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory diseases.


'Sinashu' salt sol therapeutic instrument KC-S100 (medical fund)


'Xinashu' salt therapy instrument KC-S100 - Ⅲ (household type)


  The product qualification is excellent, and the core technology is more favored by hospitals!


  As we all know, there are not a few products promoting the concept of salt therapy in the market at present, but most of them are hyped concepts. Products with formal medical qualifications, academic support and clinical effect verification are rare. The Xinashu Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Apparatus of Kuancheng Technology is the first salt therapy product in China that has obtained a medical device registration certificate, and is also the first salt aerosol equipment to assist in the treatment of respiratory diseases recognized by domestic medical experts. The core technology of its product, the 'salt fog generating device', is also the first invention patent of portable salt therapy equipment in China, with completely independent intellectual property rights.


  The product performance is excellent, and the clinical feedback is highly praised!


  In addition to the excellent 'hardware', the Sinashuyan Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Instrument has always been in the leading position in the industry in terms of 'software'. Its core technology, 'Salt Fog Generator', can release dry salt aerosol particles no more than 5 microns in the air. These particles have extremely strong negative charges, which can quickly absorb and wrap the dust, hair scraps, bacterial viruses, second-hand smoke, odor, etc. in the air, so that they can condense and reduce dust, In turn, it has a good germicidal and dust reducing effect on the indoor air environment.



  In view of its excellent germicidal efficacy, the Sinashu Salts Sol Therapeutic Apparatus has been put into use in nearly 30 hospitals across the country, covering the respiratory department, rehabilitation department, paediatrics, infection department and otorhinolaryngology department. In particular, in the COVID-19-19 isolation admission point hospital, the sinashu salt sol therapeutic instrument is mainly used to help treat the discharge of mucus in the patient's alveoli and prevent multi drug resistant bacteria infection in the hospital. The clinical feedback is also very positive!


  Taking the Rehabilitation Department of the Lung Transplantation Rehabilitation Hospital of the First People's Hospital of Wuxi as an example, it was found that the patient's fever caused by repeated infection of 'multi drug resistant bacteria' in the body was effectively controlled during the use of the Sinashu Rock Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Apparatus.


  (A patient in a hospital is using the Sinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument)


  In addition, through the follow-up of the patients using the Sinashu Rock Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Instrument, about 70% of the patients with respiratory diseases have been reduced from two acute attacks in the previous year to once a year, and some of them do not recur within a year.


  In terms of civilian channels, the Sinasu rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus is also widely applicable to people, such as elderly care institutions, educational institutions, mother and child centers, government enterprises, families and other places.

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