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There is a good prescription for the treatment of respiratory diseases - rock salt aerosol therapy

Date: 2021-10-29
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  aerosol, or aerosol, is a colloidal dispersion system formed by a small particle of solid or liquid dispersed and suspended in a gaseous medium. Aerosol is also known as gas dispersion system, its dispersing phase is solid or liquid small particles, its size is 0.001-100 microns, the dispersion medium is gas.


  Rock salt aerosol refers to the continuous release of 1-5 micron dry salt aerosol particles into the air through the dry salt generator, and then disperse in the gas dispersion to form dry, high surface energy and high negative charge (6-10MK/M3) rock salt aerosol particles.


  Rock salt aerosol therapy is the use of natural mineral salt emerging in the treatment of respiratory diseases, is internationally recognized as a kind of pure natural, non-drug, non-toxic green new medical method, for the treatment of respiratory diseases, allergic diseases, pneumoconiosis disease, copd, bronchitis, asthma, etc. Have good clinical effect.



  Mucus and cilia are distributed throughout the inner surface of the respiratory tract (except the mucous membranes of the nostrils, posterior pharyngeal wall, and vocal cords), which warm (or cool), moisten, and purify the inhaled air, protecting the respiratory organs and the human body.



  1. The diameter of rock salt aerosol particles is 1-5um, which can freely enter bronchioles and alveoli at all levels with respiration, evenly distribute on the mucosal surface, and absorb harmful substances such as dust, pathogenic microorganisms and opposite protein allergens that enter the respiratory tract due to pathological reasons.


  2. The hypertonic effect of rock salt aerosol particles destroys the cell wall of bacteria, causes a large amount of dehydration and apoptosis of pathogenic proteins, plays an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role, and improves the state of respiratory tract biological community.


  3. Rock salt aerosol particles can make airway mucosal edema subside, regulate respiratory microecological environment, and contribute to the improvement of microcirculation.


  4, due to the respiratory tract clear effect to enhance and improve the alveoli of humidity, change the rheological properties of airway secretions within the bronchial ciliated epithelium function normalization, promoted the mucosa cilia movement function of repair, improve the bronchial cilia movement, interrupt respiratory secretions mucus silk, works as an expectorant, discharge dust and other foreign matter.


  5. The surface of rock salt aerosol particles has high negative charge, which can enhance the electrophysiological activity of mucosal epithelial cells and enhance their non-specific immune function, so as to improve immunity.


  6, volatilize salt aerosol particles in the air, the particles with a strong negative charge, can adsorption enveloping dust in the air, bacteria and other harmful substances, combined with the high permeability of the salt particles, dehydrating bacteria die, the settlement of dust, bacteria in maintaining low salt aerosol studio, low allergen environment also play a vital role.


  Rock salt aerosol therapy, as a medical technical method using natural mineral rock salt to treat respiratory diseases, is the biggest feature of it as a natural non-drug therapy, which will not produce dependence and drug resistance.


  The mechanism of rock salt aerosol therapy is to simulate the microclimate environment of rock salt cave therapy, and use the physical and chemical characteristics of dry rock salt aerosol particles to achieve the therapeutic effect. It fills the blank of non-drug treatment and rehabilitation in the field of respiratory diseases. It is not drug replacement, but in the long-term use process, gradually reduce the dosage of drugs, prolong the remission period of chronic diseases, reduce the number of attacks, improve lung function status.


  As a treatment and rehabilitation method, rock salt aerosol therapy can be used for acute bronchitis and pneumonia with prolonged disease course, chronic obstructive or non-obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma with different degrees and different types of pathogenesis (including hormone dependent type), bronchodilatation disease, pneumoconiosis, rhinitis, etc. The National Health Commission issued a notice on the pilot work of the Construction of pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation Station in primary medical institutions, recommending the equipment of rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus for the rehabilitation treatment of pneumoconiosis.

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