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All the people raise their lungs, Sinasu will give you a set of the most comprehensive lung training strategy of the whole network!

Date: 2021-08-27
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  'The summer heat will stop at this point when the summer heat is gone.' After the summer heat, the 'autumn dryness' begins. When the weather is dry, the temperature will be lower and lower, and chronic diseases of the respiratory system will recur at the end of autumn. If the lungs are not well nourished in autumn, various respiratory diseases are more likely to occur in winter. Autumn dryness is a major cause of lung injury. The respiratory system is an open organ, from the nose to the trachea to the lungs. Once the dry and cold air invades in autumn, it is easy to damage the mucosa and cause respiratory diseases. Therefore, autumn dryness damages the lung, and it is necessary to nourish the lung in time.



  Lung injury is easy to cause respiratory diseases


  The respiratory system is a whole, mainly including lung function and upper respiratory tract, including nasal cavity and throat. When the lungs are inflamed, the body will produce rejection reaction. Coughing is to expel toxins and bacteria out of the body faster. For example, upper respiratory tract diseases such as cough, pharyngitis, tonsillitis are all related to the lungs. It is easiest to find the elderly with lung disease in autumn, because the elderly are most likely to catch a cold in cold weather. If they do not pay attention, they will soon be accompanied by bacterial infection on the basis of viral infection, and are prone to severe pneumonia.


  Recently, The Lancet - Respiratory Science published the latest research results on the disease burden of global respiratory cancer, which showed that trachea, bronchus and lung cancer are the main causes of cancer deaths worldwide, and also the second largest new cancer.



  It's time to nourish the lung in autumn


  1. Fitness is the foundation


  The lung itself does not have the ability to actively expand and shrink, and its exhalation and inhalation are realized through the movement of breathing related muscles. The study found that improving the muscle strength and endurance of breathing related muscles is conducive to lung health, while exercising muscles in other parts can also improve immunity. Start with aerobic exercise to better improve cardiopulmonary function. You can insist on doing these sports:


  Upper limb exercise: hand dumbbells, barbells, etc.


  Lower limb exercise: step on steps, climb stairs, ride a bicycle, etc.


  Full body exercise: yoga, swimming, jogging, rope skipping, tennis, badminton, basketball, mountain climbing, etc.


  Breathing training: abdominal breathing, balloon blowing, etc.


  2. Balanced diet, good health and good lungs


  Ensure a balanced diet, and focus on foods rich in high-quality protein, sugar and vitamins, such as lean meat, milk, eggs, dates, honey, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not overeat.


  Most of the lung clearing foods posted on the Internet, in a word: good to eat, don't talk about curative effect. For example, for lungs moistening food, many people think of pears for the first time. It is very comfortable to eat pears when their throat is itchy and they cough. This is just because pears contain more water and sugar, which can resist dryness and relieve symptoms. As for 'moistening the lung' and 'relieving cough', no research has found that pears contain relevant active ingredients. People are a whole, and health is also a systematic project. Only a balanced and reasonable diet and good health can improve the lungs. For example, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should eat a low sugar diet, otherwise excessive carbon dioxide will be produced, which will increase the burden of breathing.


  Other white foods, such as lily, tremella fuciformis and job's tears, have not been proved to have the effect of clearing the lung, nourishing the lung and preventing the respiratory system. After all, one is in the respiratory system and the other is in the digestive system. It's good to eat. Don't be too difficult to eat!


  3. Reduce risk factor exposure


  The key to nourishing the lung is not to eat, but to reduce the exposure to risk factors. Quit smoking, refuse second-hand smoke, avoid a lot of lampblack when cooking, wear a mask when air pollution, and do a good job in indoor air disinfection and sterilization.


  The latest analysis of risk factors published in The Lancet Respiratory Diseases shows that, globally, smoking is still the 'only and most important risk factor' for the death of trachea, bronchus and lung cancer; On the other hand, due to exposure to household air pollution and environmental particulate pollution. In 2019, about 80.3% of deaths of trachea, bronchus and lung cancer can be attributed to exposure of risk factors. Among them, 64.2% were caused by smoking, and 15.1% were caused by environmental particulate matter pollution, which led to the death of trachea, bronchus and lung cancer.


  With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, masks have become an essential travel accessory. Better help us isolate bacteria, reduce the probability of virus infection, and protect the respiratory system and lung health. Indoor air disinfection and sterilization is the most important protection.


  Air purifier or household sterilizer configured by household users. On the one hand, it can not really purify the air, which is easy to cause dead space and secondary pollution. On the other hand, the household sterilizer can not coexist with human and machine, so the user experience is poor. The Xinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument perfectly solves the problem of sterilization and disinfection of indoor air, and effectively protects the respiratory system and lung health of family members.



  The test proves that sinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument is able to resist bacteria and viruses. The sterilization rate of natural bacteria is 96.3%, and the killing rate of Staphylococcus albicans is 99.9%. There is no dead angle disinfection and sterilization, and there are no toxic and side effects.


  The dry salt particles released by the Xinashu Rock Salt Aerosol Therapy Instrument are negatively charged, which can adsorb and wrap fine particles such as dust, wool, second-hand smoke suspended in the air, so that they can coagulate and settle, reducing the exposure of risk factors in the air.


  Lung care, prevention and protection is the key


  The respiratory system is an open organ. From the nasal cavity to the trachea and then to the lungs, once the dry and cold air invades in autumn, it is easy to damage the mucosa and cause respiratory diseases. Once the lung is damaged, it is difficult to recover. Therefore, prevention and protection is the key to lung maintenance.


  Parents of children with chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma are very worried about drug resistance and side effects. By using the saline sol therapeutic apparatus, the disease recovers faster and is not easy to recur. The indications of the salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus also include pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, asthma, pharyngitis, pneumoconiosis and other respiratory diseases.



  Lung nourishing function of Sinashu rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus:

  Helps clean the lungs. Smokers, who are often exposed to air pollution and suffer from chronic diseases that affect the respiratory system, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis. The mucus trapped in the alveoli cannot be discharged, and the dry salt particles released by the salt aerosol enter the respiratory tract to dilute the sputum, change the rheology of bronchial mucus, enhance the swinging vitality of mucociliary, promote sputum discharge, and further clean the lung environment.


  Effective sterilization and improvement of lung microenvironment. The mucus trapped in the alveoli can not be discharged, and microorganisms and pathogens are easily captured, resulting in a heavy feeling in the lungs. Salt aerosol can increase the ion concentration of the living environment of bacteria in the respiratory tract, leading to dehydration and death of bacteria, thus playing a role in sterilization and anti-inflammatory, and improving the lung microenvironment.


  Improve lung immunity. The inhalation of negative ions of dry salt granules can activate the innate immune antiviral signal pathway of alveolar macrophages and increase β 2 Receptor excitability, improve the immune function of the body. Salt aerosol therapy can effectively improve the lung function of patients and reduce the number of attacks.


  Use effect


  1. Relieve symptoms


  More than 90% of the patients' symptoms of wheezing, coughing and expectoration were relieved after one week of use, and the difficulty of expectoration after one month of use was significantly reduced, and the sleep quality was improved.


  2. Improvement of pulmonary function


  After one cycle of using the Sinasul salt sol therapeutic instrument on the basis of conventional drug treatment, the lung function indicators of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumoconiosis improved, and the maximum ventilation volume per minute (MVV), one second respiratory volume (FEV1), and blood oxygen saturation (SaO2) increased.


  3. Relieve symptoms


  The patients with airway infection and pneumonia who use the Sinasul salt sol therapeutic instrument have significantly improved inflammation, reduced the use of antibacterial drugs, and have higher safety and better tolerance. The Department of Rehabilitation of the Lung Transplantation Rehabilitation Hospital of Wuxi First People's Hospital found that the use of Sinasul salt sol therapeutic apparatus can effectively prevent the infection of 'multi drug resistant bacteria' and effectively control fever symptoms.


  4. Decreased number of acute attacks


  According to the follow-up of the patients using the Sinasul salt sol therapeutic instrument, about 70% of the patients with COPD had two acute attacks in the previous year, which decreased to once a year, or even did not recur within a year.


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