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Tongning is anti epidemic. Compared with the therapeutic instrument, salt solution can increase a defense buff for respiratory health

Date: 2021-07-26
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  Since the detection of 9 positive cases at Lukou Airport on July 20, as of 24:00 on July 24, there were 57 local COVID-19-19 infections in Nanjing City, including 37 local confirmed cases and 20 local asymptomatic infections. At present, the epidemic situation in Nanjing has spilled over to 4 provinces: Zhongshan, Guangdong, Shenyang, Liaoning, He County, Anhui, Mianyang, Sichuan and Suqian, Jiangsu.


  In order to stop the spread of the epidemic, Nanjing launched the second round of full staff nucleic acid testing for the city's permanent residents and migrant workers on the 25th. The risk level of epidemic situation in some areas was adjusted again: Shinian Village, Lukou Street, Jiangning District was adjusted from a medium risk area to a high-risk area; No. 388, Xinling Road, Maoting Community, Lukou Street is designated as a medium risk area; The building range of Wutai Building Materials Store at the intersection of Provincial Highway 239 and Yading Road, Yaxi Street, Gaochun District, No. 26, Suo Street, Nanyuan Street, Jianye District, and Xiangzhang Garden, Wanke City, Yongyang Street, Lishui District were adjusted from low-risk areas to medium risk areas.


  At the same time, Nanjing has further tightened its management of public transport. Since July 22, all passengers who enter Nanjing Metro Station must show their health code and receive body temperature detection. Only those who show 'green code' can enter the station and take the train. In shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, stadiums and other public places, actively cooperate with the wearing of masks, code inspection, temperature measurement, one meter line and other measures.


  Another battle against COVID-19 has begun in Nanjing!


  It is noteworthy that in the Nanjing epidemic, there was no serious case among the confirmed patients, 21 cases were ordinary patients, and 14 cases were mild patients. In response to this situation, Yang Yi, an expert in critical care medicine at the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, gave an answer in a news interview. At present, most of these cases have been vaccinated, and only one case has not been vaccinated before the age of 18. In general, the symptoms of vaccinated cases are relatively mild, the probability of turning into severe cases is obviously low, and the course of disease is relatively short.


Why can people still get infected with COVID-19 after being vaccinated?


  With more than one billion people vaccinated against COVID-19-19, reports show that reinfection after vaccination has become more and more common. Experts said that this phenomenon is not surprising, nor does it mean that the protective effect of the vaccine has failed. Many people have misconceptions about the efficacy of vaccines. It is wrong to think that vaccines can completely immunize us or immediately eliminate any virus we encounter. At present, most of the breakthrough infections are asymptomatic, which means that the infection only occurs in the nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract, and will not damage the lungs or other important organs in the body. This phenomenon is probably related to the injection method of COVID-19-19 vaccine. After receiving the COVID-19-19 vaccine, the human body will produce several types of 'immune warriors' under its stimulation, including antibodies that prevent the virus from invading healthy cells and T cells that kill infected cells. At present, COVID-19 vaccines are often injected through the arm, so antibodies are produced in lymph nodes and organs near the chest, but less in the nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract.


What is the difference between a positive case and a confirmed case of COVID-19-19?


  Not all infections will develop into COVID-19. A positive test means that you are infected with the COVID-19 COVID-19, that is, there is an active COVID-19 in the nasal cavity or oral cavity. However, COVID-19 can only be diagnosed when the infection causes fatigue, fever, cough and other symptoms. A large proportion of infected people never show symptoms, which is called asymptomatic infection. Therefore, if the vaccinated people are not often tested, many breakthrough infections may be ignored as a slight cold or will not be noticed at all.


Although the COVID-19-19 vaccine is not perfect, it can effectively prevent severe cases.


  As COVID-19 and the pathogen themselves have been evolving, the scientific understanding of vaccines and epidemic situations is also a dynamic process. Experts explained that when breakthrough infection occurs, it does not necessarily mean that the vaccine fails, especially the role of the vaccine in preventing serious diseases.


  According to clinical trials and real data, vaccination against COVID-19-19 can widely protect people from the harmful effects of the virus. Although the COVID-19-19 vaccine is not perfect, it can effectively prevent severe cases. Therefore, even if you have been vaccinated, we urge you to do a good job of scientific protection and stick to wearing masks.


Daily protection, improving immunity is the key!


  In addition to mask protection, you can also choose a Sinasu. The dry salt generator (patent) can simulate the microenvironment of the natural salt mine cave and continuously release 1-5 micron dry salt aerosol particles to form a high dispersion salt therapy environment similar to the salt mine cave, disinfection and sterilization the indoor air environment, help eliminate bacteria, viruses and other hidden dangers in the living space, provide a fresh and clean breathing environment, and reduce the risk of cross infection.




  Sterilization test results of Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention: under the conditions of test temperature of 20 ℃ - 24 ℃, relative humidity of 50% - 60%, the sample was started up for 2 hours, and the rate of natural bacteria in the air of 80m3 sealed room was 96.93%)


  It has 99% bactericidal and antiviral effects on ordinary influenza (H1N1), and the test report shows that the salt sol therapeutic apparatus has 99.9% killing rate on influenza A virus H1N1




  The aerosol type disinfection and sterilization adopted by sinashu is a brand-new air disinfection and sterilization purification method, which is different from the existing air purifiers and air disinfectors. It has no filter screen and dead corner, and will not cause secondary pollution. It is safe and reliable to reduce dust, bacteria and odor.


  After repeated technical exploration and testing and verification, the Xinashu Salsol Therapeutic Apparatus has successfully achieved the concentration release control of the Salsol Therapeutic Apparatus, so that the salt therapy can truly benefit the people, and ordinary people can also achieve the daily prevention and improvement of respiratory diseases.




  Although COVID-19 is fierce, overcoming difficulties is also our national strength, and confidence and courage are never absent. Our 'anti epidemic' contribution is to do a good job in personal protection and daily maintenance and improve immunity. I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

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