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Xinashu Rock Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Apparatus -- taking you to experience natural, non drug health salt therapy

Date: 2021-04-29
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  Speaking of salt, it seems that we only think of it when we talk about food. In fact, besides being used as a condiment, salt also plays an indispensable role in the medical field. For example, washing the nasal cavity with normal saline can clean the nasal mucosa, kill bacteria and reduce swelling. I believe we all know that. Today, the Sinashu Rock Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Apparatus brings you a different treatment method - salt therapy.



  Salt therapy is an effective non drug therapy for respiratory diseases. For children, pregnant women and patients with respiratory diseases who need long-term medication, this non-toxic non drug therapy is a very good choice.


  As early as World War II, the residents of the German city of Ennepertar used the Salt Cave in Crete as an air raid shelter. Miraculously, they found that every time they attacked, the people who stayed inside seldom coughed, and their breathing was smoother. Later, scientists confirmed that many people suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases who used salt caves as air raid shelters at that time were cured, while the immunity of healthy people was enhanced, and they no longer caught cold. In this way, Europeans set up a special clinic in the salt cave very early to alleviate patients' respiratory problems.


  The Xinashu dry salt aerosol generator simulates a natural salt mine cave and can continuously release dry salt aerosol particles into the air. The highly dispersed salt mist particles flow into the bronchi, pharynx, nose and mouth through respiration. Among them, the small salt particles below 5 microns can flow into the small bronchi. The salt particles can eliminate mucosal edema, dilute disease fluid, dissolve sputum, achieve bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, reduce airway edema and inflammation, and enhance the immune function of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.


  Because salt therapy is a non drug, natural and non-toxic treatment, it is suitable for patients of different ages. Rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument It also has the function of releasing negative ions, allowing patients to have a fresh experience with healthy salt therapy at the same time. Patients can listen to soothing music, and have a rest in a quiet, peaceful, relaxed and natural state. At the same time, some difficult diseases are effectively controlled unconsciously.

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