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Children's medical supplies should be seen clearly. There is a big difference between "Xiaozi", "Yao" and "Wu"!

Date: 2021-01-21
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  Recently, parents used an antibacterial cream containing a large amount of hormones for their baby, which led to the phenomenon of 'big head baby' for the 5-month-old child: stunted growth, swollen head, dense hair, etc. The chaos of 'Xiaozihao' products has aroused widespread concern in the society.


  With the fermentation of the 'big head doll' incident, more and more Xiaozi baby products 'explode'. In December 2020, China Institute for Food and Drug Control screened 41 batches of infant eczema products sold online. The results showed that 2 out of 34 cosmetic brands contained hormones, with a detection rate of 5.9%; Four of the seven batches of 'Xiaozi' products were found to contain hormones, with a detection rate of 57.1%.


  Taking the cream of Xiaozi as medicine not only reflects the immorality of unscrupulous businessmen, but also reflects the serious misunderstanding of consumers on the products of 'Xiaozi', 'Yaozi' and 'Xizi'. So what exactly do these font sizes represent?


  [Cancel font size]


  It is the hygienic batch number approved by the local health department, belonging to the category of sanitary disinfection products. The detection index is mainly bactericidal effect, with the format of [xx WXZZ XX No. x], and has no curative effect.


  Xiaozi can only be used for external disinfection and sterilization, and does not have the effect of regulating human physiological functions. Article 33 of the National Measures for the Administration of Disinfection stipulates that disinfection products play a role in killing and eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, and cannot show or imply therapeutic effects.


  Disinfection products include disinfectants, disinfection instruments and sanitary products, such as common 84 disinfectant, wet paper towels, sanitary products for women during their physiological period, sanitary gloves, etc.


 Doctors generally do not prescribe Xiaozi products for infants and young children, except for skin disinfection and sterilization. Most Xiaozi products have no indications for children, and the risk of adding hormones and other problems is high.


  【 National Drug Approval No. 】


  It is the drug production approval number obtained by the drug production unit after strict approval by the State Food and Drug Administration before the production of new drugs, which is equivalent to the ID card of a person. The format is [National Drug Approval+1 letter+8 digits], in which the letter used for chemical drugs is 'H', and the letter used for traditional Chinese medicine is 'Z', etc. Only with this approval number can drugs be produced and sold.


  'Guoyao Zhunzi' has targeted therapeutic function with therapeutic effect as the primary goal. It usually takes more than 3 years for the national drug regulatory authority to approve a national drug approval brand, and it is normal for 5 to 10 years. It can only be approved after being strictly reviewed by drug review experts and meeting the requirements. In addition, during the approval period, a large number of qualitative inspection of product quality, pharmacodynamic experiment, pathological experiment, toxicity and side safety experiment and a large number of clinical experiments will be conducted.


  The current Drug Administration Law stipulates that the production of drugs 'needs to be approved by the drug regulatory department under the State Council and issued with a drug approval number'. Therefore, if we find drugs in the market that are not approved by the 'National Drug Approval Number' such as 'Xwei Drug Approval Number', they can be regarded as fake drugs because they have passed the period of validity specified by the State Food and Drug Administration.


  According to relevant regulations, regular drugs will mark raw materials and preparation methods, such as mometasone furoate cream, desonide cream, etc., while some 'XX Ling, Shen XX', etc. should be vigilant.


  [Mechanical font number]


  'Equipment size' refers to medical devices, which refer to the instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other articles used independently or in combination for human body, including the required software.


  The arrangement of registration certificate number is as follows: × 1 Mechanical note × two ×××× three × four ×× five ×××× 6。


  ×1:Abbreviation of the location of the registration and approval authority


  ×2:Registration form: 'quasi' is applicable to domestic medical devices; The word 'import' applies to imported medical instruments; The word 'Xu' is applicable to medical devices in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


  ××××3:First registration year;


  ×4:Product management category;


  ××5:Product classification code;


  ××××6:First registration serial number


  The effects of mechanical brand products on the surface and body of human body are obtained through physical means, not pharmacology, immunology or metabolism, but these means may participate in and play a certain auxiliary role.


  Its use purposes include: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and mitigation of diseases; Diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, mitigation and compensation of injuries or disabilities; Research, replacement and regulation of anatomical or physiological processes; Pregnancy control, etc.


  Medical devices fall into three categories:


  The first category refers to medical devices that can ensure their safety and effectiveness through routine management, such as masks, bandages, surgical instruments, etc.


  The second category refers to medical devices whose safety and effectiveness should be controlled, such as sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters, salt sol therapeutic devices, etc.


  The third category refers to implantation into human body; Used to support and maintain life; Medical devices that are potentially dangerous to human body and whose safety and effectiveness must be strictly controlled, such as disposable sterile syringes/infusion sets, vascular stents, artificial organs, etc.


  No matter what brand name the product is, it has its corresponding management specifications. No matter who supervises it, the enterprise should first keep the bottom line of conscience of quality and safety, and should not exaggerate, mislead or even deceive consumers!


  The Xinashu brand saline sol therapeutic instrument developed by Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a formal mechanical brand product, which belongs to Class II medical devices (SXZZ 20192090954), and is also the first saline sol therapeutic product to obtain the mechanical brand registration certificate in China.


  Salt aerosol therapy is a non drug therapy originated from nature. Its principle is to apply the physical and bioelectrical properties of salt aerosol, mainly used for the prevention, improvement and treatment of respiratory diseases. This therapy has been used worldwide for more than 100 years, and its efficacy has also been verified by many clinical tests at home and abroad. It has a good auxiliary effect on rehabilitation of rhinitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumoconiosis, etc. Many European and American countries have incorporated this treatment into the universal medical insurance plan.


  After the salt aerosol particles enter the respiratory tract, a hyperosmotic state is formed in the local airway, which can reduce and eliminate the edema of the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract mucosa, change the rheology of the secretions, and make the sputum thinner and easier to discharge.


  Sodium ions in salt aerosols can enhance the permeability of mucosal epithelium, and chloride ions can increase β 2. The excitability of receptors can also accelerate the ciliary movement of respiratory epithelium, which is conducive to the elimination of airway secretions, so that the chronic inflammation of the airway can be reduced or eliminated, the spasm of bronchial smooth muscle can be alleviated, and the airway hyperresponsiveness can be reduced, which ultimately improves the pulmonary function.


  Children are the hope of a family. If they are used for children, they must choose safe and reassuring products, instead of blindly pursuing fast and effective. Sinashu Rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument It has been put into use in many general hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals, and has received double praise from doctors and patients.

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