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What is the existence of aerosols? What is halite aerosol?

Date: 2020-09-01
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  The spread of the COVID-19 has brought the word 'aerosol' into the public's view, and labels such as 'invisible', 'far away' and 'spreading the virus' have also made many people pale at the talk. What exactly is aerosol? Is it really that terrible?


  You may have had this experience: when walking in the corridor or even on the road, there is no one within tens of meters around, but you can still smell the smoke. What you smell is actually the aerosol particles formed after the burning of tobacco.


 Aerosols are suspension systems of liquid or solid particles in the air. According to their formation sources, the particle sizes vary greatly, usually between 0.01 and 100 microns. The soil particles blown by the wind, the salt particles, bacteria, microorganisms, plant spores and pollen, the burning materials of mineral fuels, and the exhaust gases from vehicles that are evaporated after the sea water splashes into the atmosphere are all aerosols.


  Characteristics of aerosol


  1、With colloidal properties, the smaller the particles, the more obvious the viscosity of air;


  2、Aerosol colloidal particles have considerable specific surface area and surface energy;


  3、Brownian motion is very violent and has the property of diffusion when particles are small; When the particles are large, the sedimentation is significant。


  Is aerosol visible?


  Aerosols with a particle size of one micrometer, that is, one thousandth of a millimeter, are invisible to the naked eye. However, aerosol particles can scatter or absorb sunlight, so as long as the particles are large enough, they can be seen by the naked eye. This is also the reason why the sky becomes blue and the sun becomes red at sunset. The elimination of aerosols in the atmosphere mainly depends on the process of precipitation, agglomeration, aggregation and sedimentation between small particles.


  Aerosol therapy


  The special properties of aerosols make them have great applications in medicine, environmental science and military science. In medicine, aerosol therapy is often used to treat respiratory diseases.


  The so-called aerosol therapy refers to the method of using a certain device, using heating, jet or ultrasonic oscillation to impact and disperse the liquid medicine, powder medicine or physiological saline into tiny particles and suspend them in the gas, and then enter the airway and lung through respiration for treatment.


  We are familiar with atomization, which is a kind of aerosol therapy. It forms liquid aerosols of bronchodilators, antibiotics and other drugs and then inhales them.


  Advantages of aerosol therapy:


  1、Directly reach the focus


  2、Fast drug absorption and rapid effect


  3、Less absorption in the body, less systemic side effects


  4、Low dosage


  The diameter of aerosol is the main factor affecting its deposition and distribution in the airway:


  The diameter of aerosol is the main factor affecting its deposition and distribution in the airway


  More than 10 microns: oropharynx


  1-5 microns: lower airway and lung


  0.5-1 μ m: in the lung, but easily exhaled


  It can be seen that aerosols with a particle size of 1-5 microns are the best and can effectively settle in bronchioles and alveolar walls. However, the diameter of the particles produced by the commonly used ultrasonic nebulizer is 3.7-10.5 microns, and the amount of deposition in the lungs is only 2% - 12%.


  Halite aerosol


  It is easy to understand that rock salt aerosol is a kind of solid aerosol with salt as the main medium. Rock salt aerosol therapy is also a method used to treat respiratory diseases. It originated from natural salt mines and caves and has a history of nearly 200 years.


  The biggest difference from modern atomization therapy is that rock salt aerosol therapy is a non drug therapy. It inhales sodium chloride, one of the electrolyte components needed by the human body, and will not produce toxic and side effects of drugs.


  Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd. has innovatively researched and developed Sinashu by combining rock salt aerosol therapy with modern technology Halite aerosol The therapeutic apparatus is the first portable salt therapy equipment that has obtained the national Class II medical device registration certificate in China.


  The rock salt aerosol therapeutic apparatus can continuously release rock salt aerosols of 1-5 microns in size into the air, which can effectively deposit in the bronchial ends and alveoli of the respiratory tract. At the same time, the electrical effect and stability of the dry aerosol surface are stronger than those of the wet aerosol aerosol, which can avoid the leakage of respiratory mucus and bronchospasm.


  The effective control of the concentration of the rock salt aerosol therapeutic instrument avoids the high responsiveness of the human airway during long-term use. It can be safely used in medical institutions or ordinary families. This low concentration, small particle size rock salt aerosol, colorless and tasteless, will not cause sensory problems, and unconsciously plays a therapeutic and protective role in the respiratory system. Correctly understand aerosols and scientifically apply aerosols, then aerosols can not be a terrible virus transmission medium, but become a helper to protect health.

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