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Protect the nasal cavity and use the Sinasol Salts Therapeutic Apparatus to prevent autumn from becoming a sickly autumn

Date: 2022-09-27
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  The ancients said, 'people with the air of heaven and earth, four of the law into', the nature of the four seasons climate change is not always affecting the human body, autumn has more than half, careful experience, we are not difficult to find the characteristics of autumn: wind speed, humidity drop, dry weather, large temperature difference between day and night.

保护鼻腔用西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪 别让秋天成为多病之秋


  Autumn season is allergic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis is divided into perennial with seasonal two, most of the patients with allergic rhinitis don't know his condition, because its symptoms is mainly a runny nose, sneezing, patients think they just caught a cold, literally eat cold medicines or antibiotics, but it is not only cannot achieve the purpose of treatment, long-term past prone to resistance, Delaying the optimal period of treatment


  A lot of patients can have such a question, why is autumn rhinitis easy to attack?


  NO.1, morning and evening temperature difference is large


  Autumn weather is dry, the temperature difference between day and night is big, the nasal cavity is easy to be constantly stimulated by the uneven temperature of cold and heat, the nasal mucosa is easy to be damaged, the bactericidal function of the nasal mucosa is decreased, and it is easy to be infected by viruses and bacteria, leading to the onset of rhinitis.


  NO.2 Dust mite pollen transmission


  Wind speed increases in autumn, speeding up the transmission speed of dust in the air, dust will induce rhinitis, in addition to dust, mites, fungi, animal hair will become allergens.


  NO.3. Low immunity


  Autumn temperature changes greatly, the temperature is hot and cold, many people get used to taking off clothes after sweating, so that it is easy to catch a cold, make their own immunity is reduced, and will also induce rhinitis.


  How to prevent rhinitis in Autumn:


  1, reduce cold dry stimulation


  Autumn weather temperature becomes low, appropriate increase clothing, pay attention to keep warm, prevent colds; You can use a humidifier inside your home to increase humidity and reduce irritation to the nasal mucosa.


  2. Stay away from allergens


  Staying away from allergens is an important measure to prevent the onset of rhinitis. Wear a mask when going out to reduce dust and pollen inhalation; Keep ventilation at home and change bedding frequently to avoid mites breeding and causing allergies; Use Sinashu dust and bacteria removal.


  3, reduce cold dry stimulation


  Many people often use hand nose, this behavior is not only unsightly, but also cause harm to the nasal cavity, hand nose will make the nose hair fall off, damage the mucosa, mucosa injury, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ability decreased, easy to lead to bacteria invasion caused inflammation.


  4. Keep exercising to improve immunity


  Usually pay attention to strengthen exercise, enhance their resistance; Reasonable diet pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat more fruits, vegetables, eat less spicy, seafood and other food.


  5. Seek medical attention in time


  Rhinitis attack when, should go to the hospital as early as possible diagnosis and treatment, do not delay delay disease. Buy or use medications under the guidance of your doctor. Medications commonly used to treat rhinitis include glucocorticoids, anti-allergy medications, topical nasal sprays, etc.


  In the case of drug treatment, it can be combined with normal saline to clean the nasal cavity, remove allergic and inflammatory secretions in the nasal cavity, relieve sneezing, nasal congestion and other symptoms.


  However, long-term nasal washing is easy to damage the nasal mucosa. At this time, we can try dry salt aerosol therapy, whose principle is the same as that of normal saline nasal washing, but normal saline nasal washing can only act on the nasal surface, while dry salt aerosol therapy can go deep into the respiratory tract without damaging the nasal mucosa.


  , shu salt sol therapeutic apparatus is developed according to the principle of 'dry salt aerosol therapy' into the equipment, is a kind of non drug treatment, the equipment release into the air, high degree of dispersion of dry salt aerosol respiratory endings and alveolar into the human body, achieve anti-inflammatory sterilization, relieve edema, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of a stuffy nose, nasal itching, sneezing.


保护鼻腔用西纳舒盐溶胶治疗仪 别让秋天成为多病之秋


  Finally, I wish everyone away from rhinitis, smooth and comfortable through the fall oh.

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