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2020 - 12 - 11
The dry winter is the season of high incidence of respiratory diseases. The most common symptom is cough. Many respiratory diseases can lead to cough, and most people know that excessive cough can easily lead to pneumonia and bronchitis. And there is a cough that is often misdiagnosed. Parents should pay attention!    A 5-year-old child had a persistent cough for more than half a year. His cough was dry, with little sputum, and was not accompanied by fever. It often broke out at night or early in the morning, affecting sleep at night, and also aggravated after exercise. He has visited 4 hospit...
2020 - 12 - 03
In December, winter is on the right track. With the coming of cold air across the country, respiratory diseases have entered a high incidence season, especially for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), because COPD is more prone to acute exacerbation or repeated attacks in winter.    The three 'signals' of acute COPD attack are cough, phlegm and asthma. If the patient's cough becomes worse, the amount of sputum increases, the color of sputum turns yellow, and it is purulent or mucous. When the symptoms of shortness of breath become worse, it often indicates t...
2020 - 11 - 30
On the morning of November 29, 2020, the 'Incubation Work Meeting for the Construction of Special Departments in the Respiratory Field of Grass roots Organizations in Jiangsu Province', sponsored by the Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Department of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, guided by the Grass roots Division of Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission, and co organized by the Grass roots Health Association of Jiangsu Province and the Special Committee on Chronic Diseases of Jiangsu Gerontology Society, was held in Nanjing to further play the role of the city level in...
2020 - 11 - 30
From November 27 to 29, 2020, the '2020 Nanjing Integrated Digestive Endoscopy Summit Forum' was held in Nanjing, sponsored by Jiangsu Anti cancer Association, Jiangsu Medical Association Digestive Endoscopy Branch Cleaning and Disinfection Cooperation Group, and Jiangsu Medical Association Micro non-invasive Branch Endoscopy Group, and undertaken by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. This academic event in the field of digestion attracted many dignitaries from home and abroad.    The innovative product independently developed and produced by Nanjing Kuanchen...
2020 - 11 - 30
From November 27-30, 2020, the fourth annual comprehensive academic conference of China Rehabilitation Medical Association and the International Rehabilitation Equipment Expo in 2020 was held in Beijing. The conference focused on the major issues of cutting-edge theory and rehabilitation practice in the field of rehabilitation medicine with the theme of 'leading by wisdom, enabling by science and technology, and creating a future of rehabilitation'.  Nanjing Kuancheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a new company, carries the core product 'Sina Shu' independently developed by...
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