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2021 - 05 - 19
Functional gastrointestinal disease is a kind of disease with digestive tract symptoms but without organic diseases. It is a very common disease in clinical practice. The etiology and pathology have not been finally determined, so there is no exact treatment plan. However, the disease seriously affects the quality of life, and drugs alone cannot solve various discomfort symptoms.    In recent years, the new method of 'gastrointestinal pacing' for the treatment of gastrointestinal functional diseases has attracted more and more attention, and has become a popular auxiliary treatment met...
2021 - 05 - 18
As for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it was mentioned in the previous article that it is an irreversible chronic disease. If you don't get professional treatment and don't pay attention to yourself at ordinary times, the disease will only become more serious, such as pulmonary heart disease.    But although irreversible, COPD is controllable.    The average life span of COPD varies from person to person, ranging from 20 to 50 years. It mainly depends on the control of the patient's condition at ordinary times.    As early as 2010, Mr. Yuan Longping, the father of ri...
2021 - 05 - 17
The 84th CMEF lasting for four daysThe curtain came to an end in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition CenterMeet again in Shanghai and leave Pan Jun'anThis Kuancheng Technology Elite TeamBringing rehabilitation solutions in the field of respiration and digestion to the grand eventWith a good professional imageSolid professional knowledgeRich project experienceShowing the grace of 'innovation, integrity, professionalism and service'A continuous stream of visitors at the sceneGained a lot of attentionIt also brings new ideas for the innovative development of medical devicesThe...
2021 - 05 - 13
Innovate technology, lead the future intelligentlyThe 84th China International Medical Device (Spring) ExpoMay 13-16In Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition CenterGrand developmentNanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., LtdRehabilitation diagnosis and treatment solutions in the field of breathing and digestionWonderful appearanceWe invite you to learn from the power of innovation!Hall 6.1, J01We are waiting for you hereThis exhibitionKuancheng Technology focuses on two core products in the field of respiration and digestionCommitted to providing non drug fieldsNew methods of rehabilitation and...
2021 - 04 - 30
In life, some people will have such experiences: full as soon as they eat, belching and farting, and abdominal pain; When you drink cold drinks or eat a piece of iced watermelon, you will suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea; I want to go to the toilet as soon as I enter the examination room; If you get angry in a hurry, you will have stomachache and can't bear it; Once you eat hot pot and spicy hot pot, you will have diarrhea immediately; When I was out, I was most concerned about whether there was a toilet nearby... I did gastroscopy and enteroscopy, but I didn't find any problems...
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