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2022 - 07 - 14
'Salt therapy' was recommended by the latest Chinese Expert Consensus on Pneumoconiosis and Lung Rehabilitation!Xinashu rock salt aerosol therapy - a new scheme for lung rehabilitation of pneumoconiosis patients  Pneumoconiosis is a disease mainly caused by diffuse fibrosis of lung tissue caused by long-term inhalation of productive mineral dust in occupational activities and retention in the lung. Generally speaking, most patients with early pneumoconiosis have no obvious symptoms and signs, and lung function has no obvious changes. With the progress of the disease, respiratory sympto...
2022 - 05 - 12
On May 9, 2022, the Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology, otolaryngology published an article entitled 'expert consensus on nasal saline irrigation to prevent novel coronavirus infection (pre publication)'.      The Expert Consensus was led by the China Rhinopathy Research Cooperation Group, which convened middle-aged and young rhinologists from 27 well-known hospitals, including the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, the Sixth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, West China Hospit...
2022 - 04 - 29
From April 25 to May 1, 2022The 20th National Publicity Week of the Occupational Disease Prevention LawThis year's promotion theme is'All for the health of workers'The publicity campaign aims toDeeply implement and publicize the Law on the Prevention and Control of Occupational DiseasesFurther promote employersImplement the main responsibility of occupational disease preventionEffectively protect the occupational health rights and interests of workersFurther enhance the occupational health awareness of the whole societyEffectively improve the health level of workersCreate the conce...
2022 - 04 - 19
On April 15, the National Health Commission issued the recommended health industry standard 'Medical Equipment Allocation Standard for Maternal and Child Health Care Institutions', which will be implemented from June 1, 2022.    The Standard establishes the general requirements and basic principles for the allocation of medical equipment in maternal and child health care institutions at all levels, and requires scientific, reasonable, economic and effective allocation of all kinds of medical equipment for maternal and child health care.    According to the functional orientation and se...
2022 - 03 - 17
News on epidemic situation: On March 15, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference. Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health Commission and a first level inspector, introduced at the meeting that from March 1 to 14, more than 15000 people were reported to be infected by the local epidemic, which affected 28 provinces.    Omikjon BA. 2, faster transmission and stronger concealment    'People are still those people, but the virus is faster and stronger!'    In the recent local epidemic situation in m...
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