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2021 - 07 - 07
Jointly sponsored by Shandong Medical Doctors Association and Shandong Medical Association, Physicians association of professional committee of the pediatrician branch breathing in shandong province, shandong province medical association branch of pediatrics breathing the professional group, the first medical university in shandong, shandong provincial hospital affiliated children's hospital of joint undertaking 'pediatric chang breath peak BBS progress and national children's respiratory disease classes' on July 2-4, 2021 in quancheng jinan was held successfully.      The conf...
2021 - 06 - 28
The Respiratory Society of Jiangsu Medical Association successfully held the 'China Yangtze River Medical Forum - 2021 Annual Respiratory Conference and the 27th Respiratory Academic Conference of Jiangsu Province' in Nantong from June 25 to 27, 2021. Famous experts from inside and outside the province were invited to give special academic lectures. Academic exchanges will be conducted on the diagnosis, treatment, pathogenesis, epidemiology and basic research of respiratory diseases, including COPD, bronchial asthma, lung infection, respiratory disease nursing and chronic respiratory d...
2021 - 06 - 25
The '2021 Jinling Pediatric Respiratory Forum and National Pediatric Respiratory Disease Progress Learning Class' jointly sponsored by the Children's Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University and the Respiratory Special Committee of the Pediatric Specialty Alliance of Jiangsu Province was successfully held in Nanjing on June 24.    Pediatric respiratory disease is a common disease and frequently encountered disease in pediatric clinical, with the progress of science and technology, new concepts, new technology and new therapy, the workshops around the theme of 'new prog...
2021 - 06 - 15
On June 11, 2021, by the Zidong Lake, Kuancheng Technology and representatives of nearly 100 star enterprises of Qixia High-tech Zone participated in the award ceremony of TOP20 Star Enterprises of Qixia High-tech Zone and the release of Industrial Development Index report sponsored by Qixia High-tech Zone. Fang Aijun, deputy director of nanjing bureau of statistics, the commissioner of nanjing bureau of industry and information technology science and technology innovation, Agnes ng, qixia district party committee, deputy secretary of the qixia district people's government, qixia high-tech...
2021 - 06 - 11
Poor eating habits and living habits lead to constipation in many people. According to incomplete statistics, about 30% of people have experienced constipation of different degrees.    Feet frequency is small, defecation is difficult, abdominal pain and distension... Although it is a 'big thing', it seriously affects our daily life. Each patient has different causes of constipation. Do you know which one you belong to?    Feet frequency is small, defecation is difficult, abdominal pain and distension... Although it is a 'big thing', it seriously affects our daily life. Each pat...
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