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2021 - 11 - 01
From October 29 to 30, 2021, the 5th Pelvic Floor Anorectal Disease Summit Forum and the 12th Tongde International Academic Week Anorectal Forum were successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.      This BBS stands by zhejiang tongde hospital in zhejiang province, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine society anorectal disease combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in zhejiang province professional committee, jointly organized by the pelvic disease and constipation group, zhejiang set up with DE/anorectal anorectal center to undertake, invited a number of domestic we...
2021 - 10 - 26
On the afternoon of October 26, 2021 (Tuesday), Lu Jing, deputy chief of Qixia District, Sheng Yan, Director of Science and Technology Bureau of Qixia District, and Wei Jia, deputy director of Qixia District, visited Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd. for exchange and guidance, accompanied by Mr. Tang Guangjian, Chairman of the board, Ms. Shen Xiaoling, deputy general manager, and Ms. Tang Shiwen, assistant to the chairman.  Lu District leader and the leaders of the company had a cordial discussion, a detailed understanding of Kuancheng technology development history and development planni...
2021 - 10 - 25
From October 21 TO 24, THE 10TH JINLING REHABILITATION MEDICINE HIGH-LEVEL FORUM hosted by Jiangsu Rehabilitation Medical Association was held in Nanjing International Conference Hotel.      Taking advantage of the national guidance on further strengthening rehabilitation medical work and implementing the development plan of rehabilitation medical cause in the 14th Five-Year Plan, rehabilitation doctors, therapists and nurses from all over the world gathered together for the academic feast of 'cross-border integration and intelligent rehabilitation'.    Major experts, professors and le...
2021 - 10 - 18
On October 16, the 85th China International Medical Device Expo (CMEF), which lasted for four days, ended on a high note.    CMEF, as the most influential platform for professional medical procurement trade, corporate image release, professional information distribution center and academic and technical exchange platform in the medical industry, interprets the power of science and technology and shares the world of business opportunities by relying on top resources and acting as a 'weather vane' of the industry.    This is an industry gathering of medical professionals, a palace of top...
2021 - 10 - 18
On October 16, the '2021 CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference' sponsored by the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation Medicine of China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions and undertaken by Oriental Huakang Medical Group was successfully concluded.    The theme of this conference is 'Healthy China, Rehabilitation Medicine in action'. Kuan-cheng Technology, with 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument' and 'biofeedback gastrointestinal dynamic instrument', made a major appearance, providing more efficient and convenient diagnosis and rehabilitation prog...
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