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2020 - 09 - 04
When September came, many parents cheered: 'The Divine Beast' finally started school!  However, the school season is also in autumn, which is a high incidence season of respiratory infection. One autumn rain and one cold. At this time, the temperature difference between morning and night changes greatly, which is the season when viruses and bacteria are easy to reproduce. However, children's resistance is weak. Some children are prone to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia due to poor physique or improper parental care.  When students start school, parents worry about whether ch...
2020 - 09 - 01
The spread of the COVID-19 has brought the word 'aerosol' into the public's view, and labels such as 'invisible', 'far away' and 'spreading the virus' have also made many people pale at the talk. What exactly is aerosol? Is it really that terrible?    You may have had this experience: when walking in the corridor or even on the road, there is no one within tens of meters around, but you can still smell the smoke. What you smell is actually the aerosol particles formed after the burning of tobacco.   Aerosols are suspension systems of liquid or solid particle...
2020 - 07 - 27
When it comes to salt, everyone is familiar with it, but when it comes to rock salt aerosol therapy, most people may still wonder: can salt still be treated? Why don't we just eat salt every day?    As we all know, salt is an essential substance for human body. It can supplement the electrolyte components needed by the human body, maintain the osmotic pressure of extracellular fluid, participate in the regulation of acid-base balance in the body, and also participate in the generation of gastric acid. Edible salt enters the digestive system (mouth, stomach, intestine, etc.) of the human bo...
2020 - 07 - 24
Many parents may have such an experience: when a child has a cold and coughs, his heart will also tremble. He is afraid that he will cough into pneumonia accidentally, so cold medicine, cough medicine and anti-inflammatory medicine will take turns... As a result, the disease is not alleviated, sometimes even aggravated. What is the matter?    The evaluation of 69 commonly used children's cold and cough medicines by the British Medicines and Medical Products Administration (MHRA) shows that 'these medicines have no obvious effect', but will cause side effects such as 'allergic r...
2020 - 07 - 22
As early as the 19th century in Europe, people found a strange phenomenon: few workers in salt mines suffered from respiratory diseases. Medical experts found that it was the dry salt aerosol dispersed in the salt mine cave that played a role, which is called 'salt therapy'. It is known as the easiest non drug therapy in history!    A large number of clinical studies at home and abroad have proved that salt therapy can effectively prevent and treat nasal/pharyngeal/tonsillitis, bronchial asthma, COPD, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases; It can significantly improve sleep quality ...
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