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2021 - 04 - 30
In life, some people will have such experiences: full as soon as they eat, belching and farting, and abdominal pain; When you drink cold drinks or eat a piece of iced watermelon, you will suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea; I want to go to the toilet as soon as I enter the examination room; If you get angry in a hurry, you will have stomachache and can't bear it; Once you eat hot pot and spicy hot pot, you will have diarrhea immediately; When I was out, I was most concerned about whether there was a toilet nearby... I did gastroscopy and enteroscopy, but I didn't find any problems...
2021 - 04 - 29
Speaking of salt, it seems that we only think of it when we talk about food. In fact, besides being used as a condiment, salt also plays an indispensable role in the medical field. For example, washing the nasal cavity with normal saline can clean the nasal mucosa, kill bacteria and reduce swelling. I believe we all know that. Today, the Sinashu Rock Salt Aerosol Therapeutic Apparatus brings you a different treatment method - salt therapy.    Salt therapy is an effective non drug therapy for respiratory diseases. For children, pregnant women and patients with respiratory diseases who need long...
2021 - 04 - 27
The colorful spring is coming, and everywhere is full of vitality. However, for asthma patients, it is a season of multiple diseases. In severe cases, asthma will continue to attack, even month and season, which is unbearable. How can we prevent asthma attacks and reduce the incidence?    What is bronchial asthma?    Bronchial asthma (asthma) is a chronic airway inflammatory disease involving many kinds of cells and cell components. Its clinical manifestations are recurrent wheezing, shortness of breath, with or without chest tightness or cough, accompanied by airway hyperresponsiveness and va...
2021 - 04 - 22
Functional gastrointestinal disease is a common disease. Because the symptoms of functional gastrointestinal disease are often confused with other gastrointestinal diseases, many people are difficult to achieve ideal results when taking symptomatic treatment. So, what is functional gastrointestinal disease? In the face of such diseases, how can we improve?    What is functional gastrointestinal disease    The so-called functional gastrointestinal disease refers to a group of gastrointestinal diseases with digestive system symptoms, but organic changes are not found in biochemical, imaging and ...
2021 - 04 - 19
Every springSome people with allergies will inevitably experience a 'battle' with pollenMany people will be confusedI have paid attention to protectionStay away from flowers in springWhy do you still have 'pollen allergy'?In fact, it's not just pollen that causes allergiesMany allergens are transmitted by windUnder the action of wind, the wool of willow and other trees and weedsIt will float to people and be inhaled, causing allergic reactionSo the culprit of allergyMaybe not flowers, but trees and grassThereforeNever laugh in the sunny springBecause it will suck wool into ...
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