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2021 - 10 - 20
October 20 is the 85th birthday of Academician Zhong Nanshan. 'At the age of 85, Zhong Nanshan is still walking like a horse.' 'Compared with Academician Zhong, he is more of a post-90s generation.'    You think 85, and Zhong Nanshan 85:      While wishing Zhong a happy birthday, netizens seem to be more concerned about how he can be so healthy at 85 years old. It's really simple: 'Keep your mouth shut,' 'spread your legs,' 'cure the disease.'    'Keep your mouth shut' -- the health of eating    According to the American Cancer Society, poor ...
2021 - 10 - 18
On October 16, the 85th China International Medical Device Expo (CMEF), which lasted for four days, ended on a high note.    CMEF, as the most influential platform for professional medical procurement trade, corporate image release, professional information distribution center and academic and technical exchange platform in the medical industry, interprets the power of science and technology and shares the world of business opportunities by relying on top resources and acting as a 'weather vane' of the industry.    This is an industry gathering of medical professionals, a palace of top...
2021 - 10 - 18
On October 16, the '2021 CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference' sponsored by the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation Medicine of China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions and undertaken by Oriental Huakang Medical Group was successfully concluded.    The theme of this conference is 'Healthy China, Rehabilitation Medicine in action'. Kuan-cheng Technology, with 'Sinashu salt-sol therapeutic instrument' and 'biofeedback gastrointestinal dynamic instrument', made a major appearance, providing more efficient and convenient diagnosis and rehabilitation prog...
2021 - 10 - 14
Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, the coming of the autumn and winter influenza season will be a severe test for COPD patients. The reduction of temperature will lead to the decline of the patient's immunity, the body is more susceptible to virus invasion, some patients will appear for two or three months of cough, asthma, causing acute exacerbation of COPD, severe respiratory failure. Once people with COPD get the flu, they are more likely to develop severe flu and have an increased risk of death.    Copd is a high-risk group for influenza    Respiratory physicians h...
2021 - 10 - 12
Sponsored by the Rehabilitation Medicine Committee of China Non-Public Medical Institution Association and organized by Oriental Huakang Medical Group, the '2021·CNMIA Rehabilitation Conference' will be held in Shanghai from October 13-16, 2021. With the theme of 'Healthy China, Rehabilitation Medicine in Action', the conference will hold 10 sub-forums to exchange rehabilitation medicine technology in an all-round way and explore the construction and development of rehabilitation in China.    Adhering to Shanghai's urban spirit of 'embracing all rivers, pursuing ex...
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